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women’s secrets

If the complexes are at all, it does not mean that they do not need to fight. They interfere with feeling happy.

What are the main women’s complexes and how to get rid of them:

Do I look unattractive and do not excite him.

If he’s in bed with you, then you’re already excited, believe me. Yes, and if not met somewhere at the club in a drunken stupor, he had to consider you and understand you attracted to him or not. Men do not consider our every mole or something if you have the extra 2 pounds. If you are in bed, so you make it.

If I don’t get an orgasm, he’ll think I’m frigid.

Some women do not experience orgasm. We hope you’re not among them, but to get it isn’t easy, especially if you know each other too well. It will come with time, because you need to know the erogenous zones of each other, to try dozens of positions, toys and places to have sex, to understand what you like to him.

Experienced and confident man knows about the peculiarities of female psychology and physiology. By the way, if you don’t get an orgasm, then it will also be a couple of issues.

He doesn’t like my affection and behavior in bed.

Why people are given the ability to speak? “Who talks during sex” — think you. Answer — all the normal people. However, to do this you need appropriate and correct.

To shout: “Hey, don’t play with them, Unscrew the” or “And let’s put a clothespin on you that, Hey, it’s fun” is not necessary if the man you need. Watch his reaction and emotions. He will let me know whether he likes something or not. You are not psychic to guess the thoughts, so just say, show gestures like adults.

I’m afraid to talk about their desires and fantasies.

Don’t talk about it in any case, suddenly he’ll think you’re a man and want something? God forbid! Seriously, to talk about their desires is not only possible, but necessary. Pick any point and tell me what you want, for example, try role-playing or smearing whipped cream. You have to trust each other, and to keep the desire is bad. Suddenly he will like it too?

I’m not as experienced and confident as he is.

Don’t have, you’re still a woman. A loving man will boost your confidence, learn and adapt to you. Otherwise, why such relations are necessary? He’s a man, he likes to be stronger and more experienced. If, on the contrary, have you noticed that the more experience you have, the harm in this. Not necessary, of course, to tell me where you learned different techniques just you will always be able to surprise him.

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Exercise “Weights”


It is training a small muscle that lifts the eyelid, and does not thin the skin of the upper eyelids to SAG. The role of “weights” is performed by our fingers.

Шикарное упражнение для укрепления верхних век

Original position.

Sitting or standing, the spine is straightened. Mentally “pull helmet”.

The eyes close, the index fingers gently put it on the edge of the eyelid, gently locking the lashes.



Hold eyelashes, raise your eyeballs under the eyelids as high up as possible, like try to look yourself in the head.

Hold for 1-2 s. Relax your eyes.



2 sets of 5-10.



Do not press on the eye too much.

After completing this exercise, the possible temporary discomfort — the look will become more like muddy.

This discomfort passes quickly.

Because the eyes are closed, ask someone close to monitor the implementation of exercises: to be traced, are not formed is around the eyes, forehead or anywhere else wrinkles.

What muscles involved: the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid; circular muscle of the eye (top).



Removes puffiness of the upper eyelids, prevents ptosis, eye increases the gap and makes the eyes look more open.



Many women are too high raise of the eyebrows to get rid of hanging eyelids. It is harmful doubly: first, over the brow wrinkles, second, stretched the delicate skin of the upper eyelid.

Шикарное упражнение для укрепления верхних век


If eyelid skin is particularly dry and thin, or eyelashes painted, or you are able to easily fix the lashes and are afraid to stretch the eyelid, do the exercise without using your finger.

To do this, raise your eyeballs upward, hold the eyelids closed by muscular effort. This option requires more on self – control, but is more secure.published



Author: Julia Sartika


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption – together we change the world! © econet

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It turns out that it is not in the economy, and the exceptional properties of this unsightly and underrated soap.

Powerful antiseptic

We used to think that it is better alcohol antiseptic no. Therefore, any injury (abrasion, laceration) are looking for something alcohol-based disinfectant. But it turns out, soap, consisting only of fatty acids and sodium salts, kills much more bacteria and viruses than alcohol. The best soap for antibacterial properties of only the chlorine, but it is not suitable for Allergy sufferers.

Soap as an antiseptic has one advantage, which I particularly appreciate mom: when processing the wound it won’t sting or burn, brush with a broken knee baby will be much easier soap than paint. And burn it also heals, by the way.

Due to its disinfectant properties soap can improve the appearance of problematic skin (acne), cure foot fungus, seborrhea (dandruff), vaginal yeast infection. It also helps to avoid irritation, rash and itching at the site of shaving. It is completely hypoallergenic which makes soap indispensable to Allergy sufferers.

However, it is important to remember that lye is great for moisturizing the skin, so after using soap, it must be moistened with cream. And not to overdo it – to wash soap every day in any case not worth it.

Cleaning properties

This soap is washed off where you are not doing most of the bleach. Soak for some time or wash before the washing machine, and the result will surely delight! Another way is to lather and let it dry in the sun, then wash.

Toys much more efficient to wash with soap and do not rinse with boiling water because high temperatures can ruin the toy, but not very high quality plastic by boiling water emit toxic substances. Lather and rinse easily.

All Laundry detergents are made on the basis of soap and soda ash, the rest of the components – just fragrances and dyes. That is, to wash something, you don’t need anything special, you can grate the soap and wash them in the machine, especially if the clothes and diaper of the newborn or in the house has allergies. With soap can make a cheap and environmentally friendly substitutes to virtually any household chemicals.

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Propolis contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, flavonides, glycosides. Propolis contains useful resins, and essential oils.If a sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, many use propolis. Effective treatment with tincture of propolis for diseases of the genitourinary system, of the stomach. Propolis tincture can be used when otitis. You need to drip into the ear or wetted cotton ball and insert into ear canal. The thyroid gland can be treated with tincture of propolis. For this, you need half a Cup of milk to drip 30 drops and to take before food for 30 days. You can take a break and repeat the course. Ointment of propolis to treat skin diseases (acne, burns, eczema, psoriasis, fungus and so on).

How to cook? Melt the propolis (20 g) in a water bath, squeeze in there vaseline (80 g) and cook for half an hour. Need to stir constantly. It is necessary to strain through cheesecloth into a jar of dark glass, lock it and put it in a cool place. Problem lubricate the skin morning and evening. The course is 60 days. It is very effective. Oil, prepared from propolis with milk, it cures diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

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Particularly in summer, often want to change the color of nails and to choose the new and bright solutions. In warm time of the year we are always ready for beauty experiments, for example, a bright blue eyeliner or pink strands. Why not try something new on nails?

Marble effect

Marble manicure looks equally interesting both on long and on short nails. All kinds of stains created with contrasting colors, always a new look, since it is impossible to do all the nails are identical. This manicure is also called water, as a divorce without the main ingredient just don’t get it. Try summer all the bright shades, and if you like it, then the fall will go on darker marble!

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A metallic glint

Balmain, Dior and Chanel fell in love with the metallic Shine in their latest collections. To emphasize familiarity with the leading brands in the world with the help of nails — choose a pale steel and rose gold manicure!

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Animal print

Saint Laurent continues to promote leopard and colors “Zebra”. This fashion House exactly can be trusted in matters of cool trends — try it! To be unusual, cool and (surprisingly) versatile! This manicure or pedicure suitable for virtually any style of clothing.

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The style of negative space

This style is characterized by a transparent base, which is applied to the entire nail plate. Then nail artist makes graphic elements, puts an end altogether or adds a DAB of colored nail Polish. Thus was born a design reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

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Options with gradient

Can’t decide on the color of nail Polish? Simply combine multiple format Ombre. By the way, if you mix a primary color with what will be the tone of your nail plate, it is possible to extend the life of the manicure at least a week.

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Nude manicure

Naturalness is still the most important and pleasant trend in the beauty industry. To emphasize the best of what nature gave us, — isn’t this true beauty? Here and in the manicure and pedicure special demand shades of beige, pale pink.

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photo: @lindaandwinks/instagram

Today we will tell you about the coolest fashion bloggers “aged” — they have a lot to learn!

Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel)

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“Branded” glasses round black frame, a variety of fancy accessories, short hair and bright outfits — iris Apfel is impossible not to know, and her influence on fashion is hard to overestimate. 95-year-old interior designer still appears on the most high-profile shows and the covers of glossy magazines and immediately infects their love of life all around.

Jenny Kee (@jennykeeoz)

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Jenny Kee is a designer, whose colorful outfits of pure Australian wool in his time enjoyed great popularity and love (one of the sweaters attracted even to Princess Diana). However, after her husband’s death in 1995, Jenny closed her brand, however, has not ceased to lead an active social life — vivid Ki watching Instagram more than 20 thousand subscribers.

Daphne Self (@daphneselfe)

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Daphne is one of the most successful and popular models “of age”. The self appears regularly on magazine covers and in advertising campaigns of fashion brands, not forgetting to share fashion looks in his micro-blog.

The Tzipora Salamon (@tziporahsalamon)

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Unique style Tzipora along with natural sociability and openness turned her into a fashion icon, and an impressive collection of fancy hats will make the envy of any fashionista!

Linda Rodin (@lindaandwinks)

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Linda is a former model and editor of Harper’s Bazar. Rodin is known for his unusual style and professional ability to mix trends with classics — if you love exquisite images with a twist, definitely subscribe to her account!

Beatrix OST (@beatrixost)

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Beatrix is an artist and actress, so her style is the embodiment and reflection of the Bohemian environment in which all life rotates OST. Colorful turbans, the amazing decoration and unchanged wine lipstick — every new outfit Beatrix can safely be considered a work of art.

Valerie von Sobel (@valerie_von_sobel)

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Valerie is a true Queen of vintage! Von Sobel so masterfully mixes vintage stuff with modern that from each new image is literally impossible to look away. Branded “chips” style Valerie — unusual hats and glasses.

Source: COSMO

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However, a dietitian Natalia Dobrynina sure that there are products that can not only spoil the day but also undermine health. She made the top 5 products in the morning is not the best, especially if you control your weight. That is, these products desirable is in the morning on an empty stomach.


Yeast provoke an increased release of stomach gases and bloating. It’s not the best what can I eat on an empty stomach.

Natural coffee

Caffeine contributes to the active development of gastric juice. If we limit ourselves to only a Cup of coffee in the morning, the unclaimed for another meal the stomach acid will irritate the gastric mucosa and induce gastritis.

Will not help, and milk are added to coffee. Astringent substances that are in coffee and tea bind to proteins in milk and form a nearly insoluble compounds, which are deposited stones in the kidneys.

Sugar and sweet fruits

Eating on an empty stomach anything sweet, we are excited by the pancreas began to produce insulin. Insulin, in turn, lowers the level of blood sugar. We begin to feel apathy and even fatigue.


The Breakfast has orange or tangerine can only afford a healthy person. If there are problems with the stomach, be careful of citrus juice on an empty stomach may cause heartburn.


Eat for Breakfast, yogurt has become almost a tradition. But in fact, eaten on an empty stomach, yogurt is useless. The value of yoghurt in the presence of useful bacteria that help in digestion. But in your stomach in the morning still no food. It turns out that the beneficial yogurt cultures will eat the gastric juice.

Cold drink

On an empty stomach to drink iced tea, water or milk is harmful. The cold constricts the blood vessels of the stomach and hampers blood circulation. In turn, disturbed digestion. Cold drink after 1.5 – 2 hours after a meal.

What to choose for those who want to eat right?

You’d be surprised, but your mom was right. For Breakfast most useful of porridge.

“Of course, products for an ideal Breakfast should be chosen taking into account the individual characteristics of a person – says Dobrynin. The athlete or person working physically in the morning to get one. And office workers – is another in the other quantities. And then there are the people who control the weight, there are people with various diseases”.

“However, both, the morning is better to eat porridge. Moreover, cereals can be water, milk, or even with the addition of meat,” said the nutritionist.

Oatmeal is rightly considered one of the most useful cereals. “It combines high nutritional value, good taste, simplicity and speed of preparation. As well as healing properties that allow you to use this mess for the treatment and prevention of several diseases, says Dobrynin.

– Thanks to its unique composition, oatmeal normalizes activity of the gastrointestinal tract, promotes the excretion of toxins, treatment and prevention of gastritis and ulcers, reduces the risk of cancer of the stomach.”

Oatmeal strengthens the immune system, normalizes the activity of the Central nervous system, improves metabolic processes in the body and even hinders the aging process. Oatmeal is especially useful for children and athletes, as it helps to strengthen bones, development and growth of muscle tissue.

In addition, oatmeal improves the endocrine system, normalizes the activity of the genitourinary system, helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Millet porridge – a dish that gives us strength. Useful substances contained in the millet, will help to cope with stress, overcome fatigue, depression, improve memory, stabilize blood pressure. Especially useful millet porridge urban residents. Millet can rid the body of toxins.

Buckwheat is very healthy and nutritious. This cereal is considered one of the best dietary products. Buckwheat is rich in important nutrients, minerals, contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP, p, and rutin. It is able to replace meat. Proteins contained in buckwheat, are easy to digest and highly soluble. But carbohydrates in buckwheat is less than in other cereals, so it is considered a valuable dietary product. Especially useful buckwheat with milk.

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Myths about the sun that it’s time to stop believing.

Sunscreen is excellent protection from skin burns

Sunscreen really helps to protect the skin from burns, but only if the following conditions are met:

– the cream should protect not only from UVA rays but also from UVB rays. These figures you can read on the label;

– water-resistant sunscreen protects from sunburn in the water. It should re-apply when you go out on the land;

– sunscreen must be purchased based on your skin type. Bright people recommended a facility with 30-50 SPF protection, dark can be taken with the index of 25-30.

But it is worth noting that the American Academy of dermatology decided to test sunscreen and came to the conclusion that many funds with a stated protection of 30 on the label actually had only contained SPF less than 15. It is therefore recommended to apply a sunscreen with SPF 40 and 50 on the label. This will give consumers more chances to get, at least SPF 30. If it is cloudy, you can not sunbathe

Of course, this is a myth. Even in cloudy weather you can sunbathe, and sometimes to skin burns. The fact that clouds prevent sunlight only 20%, and the remaining 80% still have on your skin, so the beach it is recommended to use sunscreen even if the sky is covered with clouds.

The sunscreen has no expiration date

Again a myth! Sunscreen tends to age and protection from ultraviolet radiation is reduced. If you want to use from the tool to protect the skin from burns, check the expiration date.

Sunburn can be a cause of cancer

You can get a sunburn, and the effect of it will appear in 5-10 years. The fact that scientists proved that women who got sunburn at least five times increased risk of developing melanoma. Even tan you can get tan every day

Actually, for a beautiful and even tan it is important to fulfill several conditions, the main of which proper and healthy diet. For example, foods rich in beta-carotene contribute to a more even tan. That is why lean on carrots, apricots, peaches, spinach, etc. Also in the summer diet need antioxidants that protect the skin from aging and preventing cancer. Eat seafood, green tea and vegetable oil.

It is also important to tan in a safe intervals from 7.00-11.00 and 16.00-19.00. In this case, you reduce the chance of burns from the sun.

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Anita Lutsenko became a mother just over a year ago and during that time managed on your example to understand what you can and cannot do in an effort to return your body to its original form.

Now stellar coach can confidently say that for every female feeding is the perfect time to get rid of cellulite and bring the body into even more perfect than before birth, form.

“Perfect and easier time to get in shape — no. This is the coolest period. Need at this time more or less eat right and do the basic exercises that you same to be smaller to ache, you will feel lighter, you start to go to bed early, you will become more balanced. To score your stress, but rather to get rid of it, relax. It’s never easy, any change is difficult and this period is needed in order not to go crazy from what you’re always doing the same actions — you have to deal with them, especially in the early months when baby sleeps a lot and you have a lot of free time,” advises Anita.

As an expert in weight loss, debunked several myths about the diet of young mothers and that after birth it is not necessary to continue eating for two.

“It’s all myth and illusion about the need to eat for two. In order to feed, you need to eat only 300 calories more. In any case there is app cookies. Don’t have to drink a lot of milk. Since milk is not in any way helps to produce milk. While the sweets go to the detriment of you and the child,” – said the expert.

Anita Lutsenko shakes triceps:

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We celebrated Midsummer, it’s time and reports to indulge. As noted the days of the summer solstice in our stars – the selection.

Intars Busulis on the night of 24 June, addressed the residents on the Waterfront 11.Noboa, and then sent to native land – Talsi.

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Markus Riva – themed the published, and in Moscow itself stayed. Well served – worked concerts were given. And we are happy!

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The mayor of Riga nil Ushakov on his feet after the election and went to the Embankment 11.Nov to see, what a miracle, what a holiday he himself had perpetrated.

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Designer brand Nolo Victoria Ionienne from worldly Affairs hid on the coast in jūrkalne

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Stylist Olga Kolotova returned to his native land and Ligo have decided to celebrate very traditionally in Silmaci.

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By the way, joined by designer Anna Ledskalnina – the owner of the brand Anna Led

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Our pride and beauty Alena Ostapenko, she’s Elena Ostapenko, she is the winner of Roland Garros in Latvia on Midsummer left. She has her own schedule.

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Forever beautiful, never aging ex-radiogaga and now a lecturer Ieva Adams dubious Latvian weather changed on the obvious Spanish sun

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The editor of a glossy magazine Titanium Marina Dianova half-measures lives. Even if goes to the village. Even if the village is very remote Latvian village.

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Actress and jewelry designer Agnese zeltiņa too Patriotic to stay at home

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Designer brand MCouture Julia Sadykova, which is now not Sadykova at all, but Malakhov is also all travel chose Latvia. More precisely, the kitchen Lauris Alekseyev. I mean, menu.

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Radio presenter Natalia olesik gathered a large group of friends and … all traditions: dance, fire, search for the fern flower

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“Oh, pretty!”, I want to shout the phrase “the Most charming and attractive” looking at our radio host Pauline viz. We have it and the tongue Twister was born: on the bed, lying on Ligo in Lilaste, Latvia when the rains do not pour.

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The singer Aminata Sawadogo is also noted Ligo. And noted his style “all of you, my dear, good clothes”, even without clothes, just in colors.

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The businesswoman and President of the Latvian Association of blondes Marika Gederte to be sad at the lake, as Katerina Ostrovsky

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And the singer Laima Vaikule Ligo noted in Latvia. By the way, contrary to rumors, her friend Alla Pugacheva in Jurmala from the fire escaped. There, sitting both in the bushes, wreaths weave, fern looking for the video shoot.

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