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Sunday 18 June at 11:00 with various creative activities for children and musical performances will be open Playground of the future of the sports district on the site of the former stadium LOU (of Gertrudes street, 116A).

The territory of the new sports block in the center of town is 4 hectares, of which 7,000 square meters is given over to the largest in Riga play area for children. It is equipped with Playground equipment of various types and elements designed for children of two age groups – pre-school/primary school age to seven years and for children aged eight years and older.


photo: publicitātes

At the event dedicated to the opening of the Playground, will perform the children’s vocal group Knīpas un Knauķi, Poppy and Karameles, dance bands Mazais andžiņs, Kaspīne. Their ideas show circus Studio Jaunība and the magician Dante Pecoli. There will be games lubimimi fantastic heroes of the creative Association Pasaku nams. Children waiting for the bubble show and other surprises.

Based on the visual design of the site is the story and symbols of Riga. Used blue paving stones and the rubber coating is visually “divide” Daugava: where there is an island with vertical elements to climb the pyramids, and for mooring of the ship.


photo: publicitātes

On one Bank of the river Daugava is a stylized Old town with characterdelimited – copies of the Duomo, Black cat, towers and bridges with the heraldic signs. This “place” is intended for children of preschool age. Here, you can also run and workout and play various role playing games on specially designated game elements. As in any old city, this area will have their own secrets that little explorers will be able to discover, following specific pointers.

For younger kids there will be a special swing with a special scale, where you can swing with their mothers.

To cross an artificial river Daugava will be an opportunity for the two trails on the ropes or on the bridge hitting a green Pardaugava with its skyscrapers, amusement rides, but for older children, use will cotribute can not only in joy and pleasure, but also for physical development.

Visually connects the shore and a special “phone line”, through which children can communicate with one another – each in his Bank. Further along all the platforms will be installed benches for parents, and “the mouth of the Daugava” in the pavement you will find a fountain that will refresh on hot days.


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  • How to make your basic wardrobe palette: the main factors
  • The structure of the palette basic wardrobe
  • How to combine colors in sets

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And although some of them were not even considered beautiful, their way of life was strewn with fragments of broken men’s hearts. They easily get married or become mistresses of the powerful, but even after marriage could not dampen sexual appetite.

The men are so valued by them that turned a blind eye to their endless adventures even when their infidelities told the whole world. Who are the witches, the witching charms, or a skillful mistress? What skills and knowledge possessed by these ladies?


Third wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, who also had her cousin uncle. His first sexual experience Valerie received at the age of 13 and by the time the marriage was already known as a very experienced mistress.

According to historians, the whore could not ignore any handsome man. Already being married, it is, for example, could spend a passionate night on Board a military ship with all its crew. But then she staged a competition with the most indefatigable corrupt woman in Rome Scylla, and won it: a Pro managed to serve over the night of 25 men, and a stray Empress twice. All of Rome was talking about the slutty behavior of Messalina, but she did not hesitate, but rather flaunted. The Emperor Claudius, of course, was also aware of the indomitable sexual appetite beloved spouse, but turn a blind eye.


For many Egyptian Queen and is now a symbol of beauty, femininity and sexuality. At the same time, according to historical facts, the appearance of Cleopatra, to put it mildly, was far from the canons of beauty. Although to play her part in the films, the Directors were invited the most beautiful Actresses of her time, Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonor Varela, Monica Bellucci.

A night with Cleopatra men were ready to part with life (by the way, often it has happened). The Queen bed was a skilled, inventive and tireless, always knew how to deliver a man of the highest bliss, and was known as an experienced fellatio – in other words, was an expert at oral sex.


To the throne of Naples Giovanna rose at the age of 15 years. The young Queen quickly got a taste of Palace intrigue, fun, and dubious pleasures, having turned the Royal court into a brothel. She did not hide that for her in order to share his bed with several favorites. To argue with Giovanna, few dared: imperious Queen could not stand it when someone defied it, quickly and decisively removing the unwanted.

Queen four times married and was faithful only to his second wife, Louis Tarantismo, who managed to enjoy unbridled sexual fantasies of the Queen. All the other husbands had to put up with her slutty behavior.


When the girl was 9 years old, a fortune teller predicted her relationship with the king of France. Beautiful, intelligent and persistent young Marquise became lady-in-waiting at the court of Louis XV, and soon his beloved mistress. A love affair with the king did not interfere with the turbulent personal life of the awning. According to some, she could have sex 10 times a night, and with different men.

I did this Louis, remains a mystery to us. But until his death the voluptuous Marquis remained for him not just a lover, able to satisfy all his whims, but the woman, adviser and friend.


Another crowned wench. Her husband, king Louis XVI suffered from phimosis, and to satisfy a young wife could not. But she was not discouraged and easily found solace in the face: balls, masquerades, and countless string of lovers, whom her Majesty bestowed his favor.

In the end, the life of Marie-Antoinette turned into an endless pursuit of new sexual experiences, and to hide it was impossible. The whole of France knew about the depravity and wickedness of the Queen. There was even talk about incest with the Queen’s own son.

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A group of researchers decided to test how a love of sports can affect sexual life. Everyone knows that an active lifestyle and regular exercise have a beneficial effect on all indicators of the body — improves heart and vascular system, strengthening muscles, the body in General and the brain are toned. Therefore, scientists do not rule out that the sex way of life is also of great importance.

In the experiment, people were divided into two groups: some were the usual “sedentary” lifestyle, the second, by contrast, actively involved in sports. After 9 months, the researchers tested the results of subjects and found that active sports participants in the experiment improved their sex life. They claim that they have become much more active in sex, the pleasure was more intense, the excitement came faster than usual. In the bigger picture, the sex they do much more often. Men say that during intimacy they were more hardy, women rejoiced that the libido and the orgasm was much stronger.

Experts emphasize that it is especially important to know about the sport and its impact on sex couples live for years together. During this time, sex for them has become something ordinary and sometimes not even important. Therefore it is necessary to begin to lead an active way of life, to establish intimacy and open sexuality each other again.

Source: Aspekty

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  • Eyebrows: the essence of the procedure
  • Are there any contraindications for the procedure?
  • Is it harmful in General to do permanent makeup eyebrows?

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Pregnancy is a unique event in the life of any woman, when inside it appears and develops new life. But not all ladies know that pregnancy occurs long before before they will feel, as will start to move their kid. We’ll show you how to determine pregnancy at a very early period. We present to Your attention 5 signs of pregnancy.

One of the signs of pregnancy – fatigue

It can be considered a common sign of pregnancy, whereby the woman “in position” different from women “not in position”. Nature intended that in the first days after fertilization of the egg in the body starts to undergo certain changes. One of the first signs of pregnancy is fatigue. It appears the woman for no reason just at the time when she was awake. So the body sends a signal that he wants to sleep, and to sleep “for two”.

Nervousness and irritability can say that a pregnancy

Woman do not control their behavior, it does not matter whether it annoys someone or she feels. Her aggressiveness can be very strong, even stronger than during “critical days”. If the woman realizes that she has become unhinged and nervous, she needs to think – “maybe I’m pregnant?” All around people, even my family, can seem a complete idiot. Irritability women in early pregnancy is that her body begins rebuilding hormonal.

Breast swelling

Many women are surprised to see that the bra suddenly became tight. And all because the chest began to change a little bit. On closer inspection her you may notice that the nipples became more dark color. The chest becomes more severe, the woman could seem that it was “hard to carry”. Such changes occur due to the already mentioned hormonal changes in the body. Hormone levels of estrogen, prolactin and progesterone rise, causing changes in the appearance of the breast. By the way, care of a skin of the breast is an important part of intimate hygiene of every woman.

Changes in taste preferences

You can often hear the expression “Pulled on solenenkoe”. This national sign is fully consistent with reality. In the initial stage of pregnancy the woman is very want to eat something salty. So, it could easily swallow one after another, some pickles. In addition pregnant will constantly add salt to the food that she had before the onset of the “interesting situation” and did not think to add salt.


If a woman suffers from nausea or nausea, it can also be considered as one of the signs of pregnancy It refers to the manifestation of the so-called early toxicosis, which can be as pronounced (when there is vomiting), and slightly noticeable (only when sick, but no vomiting). Nausea can haunt a woman for the whole day, and to appear suddenly. Doctors say that nausea appears as a response of the body to begin the hormonal changes.

These indications suggest that most likely the woman became pregnant. To confirm this joyful fact it is recommended to buy the test for pregnancy and pass it.

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A microbiologist from Arizona Charles coat of Arms called the dirtiest places for extreme sex. The list includes the toilet in the plane, the locker room at the gym, movie theater, Park and beach.

According to the scientist, the toilet in the plane is not the best place for extreme sex. These cramped cabins are in first place in the list of most polluted places for sex. Coat of arms noted that in the interval between cleaning a toilet can make use of close to 70 people, and not all of them wash their hands. Almost all planes in the plane’s bathroom can be E. coli.


In the gym locker room exists the perfect environment for bacteria. There is not recommended even to walk barefoot, not to mention the sex. As noted microbiologist, seat and armrests in movie theaters clean quite rare, and often there can be found the Staphylococcus.

On the grounds and in the Park also it is better to forget about intimacy. All that can be found in the parks of the viruses of colds and flu, as well as traces of faeces of animals and humans. According to Charles coat of Arms, beach should also be deleted from the list of places where you can do extreme sex. Beach sand is a carrier of the hundreds of harmful bacteria and viruses, and previously it was shown that the sand on the beach is a lot dirtier than water.

Source: VladTime

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Nakefit Italian company developed a new kind of footwear, which will replace beach Slippers. According to Daily Mail, the shoes is a kind of soles that are glued on the feet.

In such “flip-flops” you can walk on the hot sand at the beach or on the rocks without fear of burn or injure feet. These stickers are also invited to use the pool to protect the feet from infection.

Soles from Nakefit are waterproof and heat resistant. They are available in black, pink and blue colors and are sold in batches of ten pairs for $ 30.

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Habit to enjoy music at maximum volume, according to doctors, can cause serious, sometimes irreversible hearing problems. The volume too high the speakers headphone damage sheath of nerve cells in the brain that threatens to deafness. Really dangerous for your hearing sounds from 90 dB. Meanwhile, the maximum volume of most modern music devices reaches 105 dB.

It is also necessary to say about the danger from headphones to miss important audio signal, for example, when driving on the road as drivers, and pedestrians.

What headphones most dangerous

The greatest danger for the present hearing-ear headphones that cover the entire audio passage and direct the sound precisely at the ear drum. At the same time suffer not only hearing AIDS but also the Central nervous system: due to too loud music the person becomes irritable, often feels weakness and fatigue.

In addition, in the external auditory canal is always a foreign body. Accumulates sulphur, inflamed skin of the auditory passage, and it is very harmful for the health of the ears.

How to minimize harm of the headphones

Music in earphones you can listen to no more than 30-40 minutes a day, and with ordinary headphones – no more than 1-1. 5 hours. The volume should be maximum enough 60%.

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Monosodium glutamate was introduced in the early 50’s years, as the miracle flavor enhancer, designed to make food more tasty and appetizing.


— Damage to the hippocampus caused by injection of monosodium glutamate in the chest period, and further development of obesity. — Destroys nerve cells. Diabetes. — A migraine. — Autism, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. — Alzheimer’s Disease. — Destroys the retina of the eye, causing glaucoma. — Makes people aggressive. — Causes gastritis, ulcers.

There is a natural sodium salt of glutamic acid, produced from fish products, for example, in South East Asia it is derived from shrimp and entrails of fish. There are other natural sources of glutamate – algae, malt and beets. Even in our body it is able to produce, in order to participate in the work of the brain and nervous system. But artificially synthesized salt has very different properties.

Artificial monosodium glutamate, the synthesis of which is much cheaper, makes the dish taste and smell of meat, it is without measure add in seasonings, bouillon cubes, instant noodles, crackers, chips. Enhancing the flavor of products, but rather, giving them a more appealing taste than there really is, (especially if you take the stale and of poor quality raw material) monosodium glutamate at the same time suppresses the mustiness, rancidity and other objectionable flavors, even the taste of decaying meat. Wonderful stuff! Something he can feed to the consumer!

MSG can cause dependency, without it, food seems fresh and tasty, want to try again with more. What is not drug addiction?

MSG unduly excites the nervous system, disrupts the hormonal balance in the body. But the main consumer products with glutamate as a teenager. Children obsmotrevshis advertising, mass consume chips, crackers, and then we as parents wonder: where gastritis, where the stomach ulcer? And where is our babies are very nervous, very excitable? Not otherwise have eaten something.

MSG overdose causes obesity, allergic reactions, disturbances in the retina, in the structure of DNA, heartbeat and headache. But do we always know how much of this “magic” powder manufacturer added to the product? This files most often on the packaging, it only specified.

Flavor enhancers, (same MSG) is that you overeat, if not guzzle all sorts of chemical Goodies. We were deceived, and we are glad to be deceived. And then, recollecting herself, we are terrified to look at a cock and rush in the opposite direction, limiting themselves almost everything. And again, we eat chemicals, but now to lose weight!

Manufacturers understand that many people prefer to avoid products on the packaging which indicated: flavor enhancer — monosodium glutamate (E 621), they try to hide from us. Especially if the product contains less than 50% of monosodium glutamate, the manufacturer can not notify about it the buyer, but some manufacturers how brazen that they write on their products ” WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES”, “NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES” on the front side (“No ADDED” or “NO MSG Added” — us version).

Other manufacturers “hide” MSG under such title on the package: “vegetative Gidroizol” — “Hydolyzed Vegetable Protein”, as it is hidden under the name “Accent”, “Aginomoto”, “Natural Meat Tenderizer”. The desire to emphasize that their product is a healthy food, unlike their competitors product that provides more likely to buy.

Monosodium glutamate is found in all products manufactured industrially, processed foods, meat, dairy products especially a lot of them, it is used in the manufacture of dishes from legumes, fish, vegetables, poultry, enhancing their taste in the production of canned soups, concentrates, condiments, in the production of sausages, MSG is added with spices and salt.

If the products says “flavor identical to natural”, is E 621, E 631 — foreigners label it as MSG.

Dried Fruits, Noodles Sauces, But Veres Chumak Dannon Dobrynya Dobryana President Lasoon Fanny Obolon Bystrov Mackie Nestle Nescafe Good Sandora Jaffa Oleina

Many other, in General, go to the kitchen and see.

Natural glutamic acid is a primary element for the power cord, it improves intelligence, cures depression, reduces fatigue.


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