The new line of products from Camay

To create new compositions perfumer Зерлина Dubois drew inspiration from the best French essences. All the fragrances from the premium Zerlina Dubois to rich musk and irresistible Desir – unique. «Aromas Camay make an unforgettable impression, creating a thin connection between the aroma and emotions, ” says Зерлина. – Getting the olfactory receptors, molecules парфюмированной essences trigger a chemical reaction in the brain associated with certain memories and sentiments. That is why aromas have such an influence on our state».

The collection includes shower gel and soap Camay, as well as deodorants, providing 48-hours protection, and moisturizing lotions for the body!

We especially liked the design of the packaging, transmitting the beauty of the Eiffel tower! And you?

Ароматы от Zerlina Dubois Aromas of Zerlina Dubois

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