Патриотизм проснулся: 7 русских марок, на которые не жалко потратиться

Patriotism awoke: 7 Russian brands, which is not a pity to spend money

The logic in the pricing of Russian designers loves extremes: either dresses with five-digit price tags and claim to demi-couture as Ulyana Sergeenko or Tzipporah from the society women Ulyana Sergeenko and Natalya Goldenberg, or Cloneable unknown Russian designers equally budget свитшоты and t-shirts, does not withstand competition with the range of mass-market primarily because of its inaccessibility. What remains in the middle? Some really worthy of designer brands, which can afford to spend several thousand rubles to support not only domestic manufacturer, but also their own fashionable summer mood.

Cyrille Gassiline

Until recently known only to the guests of Russian fashion weeks designer Kirill Гасилин makes almost perfect combination of «price – quality» clothes and now through all sorts of markets, festivals and Internet-shops of clothes of the Russian designers finds its way to the masses. Color Cyril primarily uses vivid and alive (orange-orange and light green – not the only, but apparently favorite designer shades), fabric is pleasant to the touch, silhouettes – simple and universal. Rates on sale, which is still going on collection spring-summer 2013, from 1 350 rubles for blouses, dresses, trousers and skirts with prints.

Cyrille Gassiline Cyrille Gassiline Cyrille Gassiline Cyrille Gassiline


Acquaintance with Russian designer labels better start with brands such as I AM. Rates of things I AM absolutely don’t bite, prints and silhouettes not look like vellum with the most publicized images of Western brands. Summer discounts office skirt in «goose paws» I AM can be purchased for 1 800 rubles, dress viscose with half open back – 800 roubles, and dress for a more ceremonial event, a fully embroidered with sequins,1 700 rubles Most frequently used material – viscose, rarely, wool and cotton. This explains such attractive prices, with the obvious presence of design ideas, if not in shapes, precisely in creating prints.



Mark KATE DOBRЯKOVA famous t-shirts with provocative slogans «Who lived in Moscow, in hell sweated» and portraits of Putin and Prokhorov (6 000 rubles), and recently expanded the collection and attractive covers for mini-notebooks (5 500 rubles).

Dress KATYA DOBRЯKOVA of colored glossy silk peace, баленсиаговскими heavy flounces and energetic prints are much more expensive and are only sold in personalized boutique, but if you subscribe to a page of the brand in social network, then wait for a friendly sale with discounts of up to 90%. However, now this plan to be postponed until autumn: till September boutique KATYA DOBRЯKOVA does not work, then to open in a new place.


Zlata Peczkowska

Accessories designer Zlata Печковская started with ornaments of lace and embroidery vintage mood, and now went on multi-colored bracelets and necklaces, covered with cloth beads (from 1 to 200 rubles) – to futuristic necklace of shiny plastic, imitating metal squares (3 350 roubles). Given that Russian designers jewelry there are very few non-trivial approach Zlata justifies the price for its original jewelry.

Zlata Peczkowska Zlata Peczkowska Zlata Peczkowska Zlata Peczkowska


Brand hails from St. Petersburg Osome2some creates interesting cut things, maintaining price limit within 10 000 rubles. More – only coat minimalist silhouettes a La Céline of wool cheaper – asymmetric shirts, of cotton (2 980 rubles), romantic backless tops and ruffles (6 200 rubles) and jackets parks from flax with silk (8 860 rubles). The most interesting range – it is on the official website of the brand, and delivery from St. Petersburg to Moscow the next day will cost from 590 rubles for light parcel.

Osome2some Osome2some Osome2some Osome2some

Oh my

Another local brand Oh my – just about basic and sportswear. It is to apply, in search of the simple cotton t-shirts, hoodies or sports pants yoga or fitness. Convenience Oh my is that the way things are, for example, white shirts or pants, can be ordered directly in the amount of three pieces, and these kits are doing here and men. If we forget about the fact that it is summer, and think about the winter, Oh my you can also find scarves (990 rubles) and sweaters (1 490 RUB) from natural sheep wool at very attractive prices.

Oh my Oh my Oh my Oh my

Die Blonde

Assortment of accessories Die Blonde diverse: there are the most usual bracelets shiny beads (870 rubles), and under the silver chain on his neck, and scarves made of polyester with leopard print, which you can find in any, even a tiny jewelry store in a Mall, but there are also more intelligible (but more expensive) instances – collars-frill (3 500 rubles), metal fishnet headbands (5 600 rubles) and zone of the rim feather. Working on a brand Die Blonde designer, fashion blogger and journalist Nadezhda Krug’s organizing every month master-classes for girls who want to learn to make jewelry.

Die Blonde Die Blonde Die Blonde Die Blonde

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