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< class="news_open" readability="6.3293986946257"> Педикюр - правила процедуры в домашних условияхAnd for legs you have to watch not only in the summer when wearing open shoes, but also in the cold season. However, not everyone has the time to visit salons, but do not despair, because the pedicure to be able to do at home, even without the use of professional machines and specialized cosmetic products. Before you perform the procedure legs you will need to prepare. I had to play in the tub with hot water and add any, any you tool. The simplest option is soda, decoction of calendula and chamomile, sea salt, and soap, grated on a grater. Most effective is a special softening salt tablets and “bombs”. By the way do not forget in advance to remove with nail coating. In such a bath leg to keep until, until soften rough skin. Thus it is necessary constantly to add hot water as it cools. Well, now you can already go directly to the procedure of pedicure. Starts the pedicure at home with removal of rough skin. For this you need to use a brush and pumice stone with different surfaces, a razor for a pedicure, as well as forceps to remove calluses. Need to get out of the bath one foot, wipe it and start clean with a metal trowel. You can then take the pumice stone and in a circular motion to RUB the most hardened areas of the foot. Next, get rid of corns, which can be cut with forceps, but very carefully so as not to damage the skin. After that, the site must be carefully processed fine polishing nail file. If you cannot remove all rough skin, you can use a special razor for a pedicure, which should move in the direction from the toes to the heel, but with extreme caution. If you’re afraid to get hurt doing the pedicure by yourself can purchase a special electric set for pedicure, which usually is represented by a block in the form of a handle which can be mounted various attachments for sawing and polishing of rough skin and nails. Upon completion of the skin of the feet, it needs to handle a scrub with a soothing and cooling effect and applied to the skin moisturizer. 30 minutes after the bath, you can start working with nails. The fact that you need to give the nail the plates to dry, otherwise they will start to exfoliate soon after sawing. The desired shape of the nails can be given by the saws and tweezers. Remember that you can not too deep, trim the edge of the nail, the nail which is in contact with the roller, otherwise you risk ingrown. Nails also need to Polish. The cuticle self-trim dangerous, because if you don’t have skills in this, you can easily get hurt. In addition, the absence of the cuticle may provoke any infection, which is fraught with consequences. Much safer to use the gel or cream to soften the cuticles, which should be applied to cuticles, leave on for a certain time, and then gently push back the skin with the help of an orange stick. Then on your fingers you can also apply care oil. After manipulation of the cuticle can begin applying the coating on the nails. To do this, the nail plate must first be degreased using liquid nail Polish remover or alcohol to the coating last longer. Then the nails are covered with levelling and conditioning effect, which can protect the nail from harmful effects of varnish. Color coat should be applied in one or two layers, but each layer must be allowed to dry. On top you need to apply a fixative, prolonging the life of the varnish. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, important to act consistently and according to instructions. Internet resources: Pedicures – rules of procedure at home

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