Телефонные приложения для определения дней овуляции и менструацииТелефонные приложения для определения дней овуляции и менструации
Why not use modern technology to save women’s time? In particular, to determine the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Owners of mobile phones will be able to do this with the help of convenient and free applications.
Their calculations that we’re used to a paper calendar, you can now lock in mobile applications installed on your phone.
Calendar Menstruation (Period Tracker)
For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
It is important that your personal information is protected by a secret code. With the application you’re a daily record of your mood and symptoms during the cycle. Can make backup copies of their records for doctor visits. Helps to calculate how many days are left until the beginning of menstruation, what you have a delay.
By pressing the button to fix the beginning of your menstrual period every month. Application will determine your average menstrual cycle over the past three months and thus calculate the date following critical days. Download free here.

Women’s calendar (Lady’s Days)
For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Convenient and easy to use application that will help control your health. Determination of ovulation occurs according to two methods: calendar and the basal body temperature method. With them you with maximum accuracy to determine the most favorable days for conceiving a child and those days when the probability of conception is very small. Using Push reminders program warns you in advance about the beginning of menstruation. The application is also protected with a password. Download free here.

Rate cycle: the menstrual cycle magazine

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Great app for planning or avoid pregnancy. With it you can keep a personal note, enter the results of the tests and their symptoms, to determine the days of high fertility and create graphics of high and low fertility. Possibility of quick and easy flow cycle in the calendar. There is also the ability to quickly send information to your doctor. Download free here.

Рeriod Сalendar

For Android
One of the best apps for Android for tracking ovulation control of the menstrual cycle. Here, you can take notes about your mood, symptoms, sexual contacts, taking the contraceptive pill. Also, if you want to change your account, your personal information will be saved and will be transferred to the new. In Рeriod Сalendar have the ability to create schedules weight and temperature, to receive notifications for cycle and ovulation and define the length of your cycle and ovulation. Download free here.

Love Cycles Calendar

For Android
Convenient and precise application with a nice interface and set of functions. Here you will find a calendar of menstrual cycles with intuitive codes, automatic forecast fertility, installation important reminders, scheduling weight and temperature. Your personal information is protected with a password. Download free here.

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