Питт и Джоли наконец начали готовиться к свадьбе

In one of interview with the actor brad pitt said that he has with Angelina Jolie is simply not enough time for the wedding. “But I feel that the right time has come,” he added. Western media reports that the case is finally happening.

According to the tabloids, celebrity couple planned to get married until the end of August. They already license marriage received. And yesterday brad flew from Los Angeles to France. And the sources assure, they arrived specially for negotiations with the organizers of his marriage.

“There are rumors that brad and Angelina at last decided, – said the tabloids one of the residents of the city of Brignoles, located not far from the Chateau Мираваль owned by celebrities. – At least to the owners of the shops have already applied orders, and repair in the castle almost completed.

And according to sources from the environment pitt, actor came to not only clarify the different details of the upcoming celebration, but also to develop a plan to move the star guests. So, it seems that the new wedding of brad will be no less lush than his loud marriage to Jennifer aniston in 2000.

Others say that the eldest son stars Maddox offered to organize a solemn ceremony on the ship, and I liked the idea of his parents. According to the information of The Sun, celebrity decided to rent on this occasion ship named The Hebridean Princess, and then continue the celebration in the Chateau.

Source: kleo.ru

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