Картофель в косметологии: маски, шампуни и ванныКартофель в косметологии: маски, шампуни и ванны
Ordinary potato starch can literally work wonders to your body. Cherished tubers will quickly wash your hair, remove calluses, restore rough skin on the hands. Learn recipes and select relevant for you.
The easiest way to quickly wash your head sprinkle with the potato starch and a good grind like in classical wash. After 5-10 minutes the remains of the powder, you can delete, using the first towel, and then brush.
Potatoes are also help tidy legs. To remove calluses and rough skin of the foot steam out in the bath with soda-soap solution (1-2 teaspoons soda per liter of water, plus a little liquid soap). After the procedure, apply on the soles of grated raw potato, hold up pobelenija skin, repeat hot bath and remove the rough skin pumice.
Mix in equal parts lemon juice, potato starch. The resulting grease paste hands before going to sleep and skin quickly acquire velvety and elastic.
From goose skin will save potato bath. A pound of starch stir in 2-5 litres of cold water, add a tablespoon of coniferous extract and pour mixture into the prepared tub. The recommended water temperature 37-38 degrees. Procedure time: 15 minutes.
The neck is well suited mask from mashed potatoes. Mix a few spoons of hot, freshly prepared mashed with a tablespoon of vegetable oil or beaten egg. Apply a warm blend of the neck, cover with a towel and soak for 20 minutes in silence and tranquility. After that the mask can be washed, to be happy with the result and return to the familiarity of home studies.
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