How to increase lips and receive many compliments for their appearance but not giggles behind? The first one is to correct the shape of the mouth makeup. The second way, more and more popular – test «injections of beauty». American country singer and actress Dolly parton once joked, calling Hollywood «second Silicon valley». However, modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Today it is possible to choose not silicone gel, which is not absorbed into the body, and the filler on the basis of natural components: hyaluronic acid and collagen, related to our skin.

«I did nothing with his lips! (Note from the editor: do you believe this? Photo comparing Lana before and after the release of her first hit Video Games suggests otherwise.) Anyone who knows me for a long time, will tell you the same. I’m very sorry to disappoint all, but a few years I lived in the trailer and I had no money is not what a beauty shots, and even favorite crispy pads with cocoa. It is not that I “rose” and got all the possibilities of plastic surgery. Just my lips seem bigger when I sing» (Lana del Rey).

Fillers: what is it?

Fillers (from the English. filler – «filler») – it is an injectable gel preparations used in a contour plastic and aesthetic medicine. «Injections of beauty» are intended for smoothing or filling of the problem areas of the face and body skin, modeling appearance without plastic surgery. Most often fillers are used to impart elasticity to the skin of face and neck, correction of the chin, cheeks, nose and lips.

«Jennifer Lopez says she has never made a plastic mouth. In this case, it suddenly plump lips, obviously, a complication after influenza» (Kim Kardashian)

Fillers: what happen?

All preparations for injections of beauty are divided into three main groups depending on the «naturalness» of their composition.

Synthetic (permanent, permanent fillers

Made from liquid silicone or a polymer gel. The effect of a lifetime. Do not dissolve in the body, remove them, you can only surgically. Safe for health: may cause inflammatory reactions and rejection even after several years after the introduction of the lips and other areas of the face and body.

Examples of drugs: «Silicone 1000», the biopolymer gel 350 CP

Biosynthetic (semi-synthetic) fillers

Made from liquid silicone or polymer gel and biosynthetic hyaluronic acid. Long-term effect: from 2 to 10 years, to achieve the best aesthetic result 3-4 procedures for the introduction of fillers after the first. Absorbed in the body only partially. As a fully synthetic fillers are used in modern cosmetology less. Health risks are the same as those of synthetic drugs.

Examples of drugs: «Артикол», «Артипласт», «Артефилл»

Biodegradable (temporary, рассасываемые) fillers

Manufactured on a basis collagen animal or animal origin and hyaluronic acid. Effect is temporary: from 4-6 to 8-12 months is required (optional) regular repeated procedures. Fully broken down by the body. The most frequently used in modern cosmetology. Health risks arise rarely, are of a temporary nature and are less expressed than in the fillers of the two previous groups.

Note! Collagen animal origin (usually used bullish) can cause allergic reactions. Such drugs used after a negative allergic sample of the patient.

Collagen non-animal origin (human) is completely compatible and does not cause allergic reactions. For fillers, it is obtained from the donor tissues after plastic surgeries or «grown» from cells taken from the patient from a tiny piece of the skin behind the ear for several weeks before beginning a course of injections.

Examples of drugs: «Surgiderm», «Juvederm», «Restylane», «See-Systems», «Реплери», «Skin R»

Lindsay Lohan regularly makes the collagen injection lip, prepared on the basis of… cells in its own skin. This allows you to avoid any complications, including possible allergic to the drug. Another question is that “duck” lip shape Lilo does not paint

Fillers: 7 questions to the expert

The main questions about the beauty of the lips, «induced» by injection of special preparations, meets our resident expert Yulia Варбузова, doctor-dermatologist «Aesthete Clinics».

Юлия Варбузова

What fillers are now using?

At the moment the market of cosmetic products, there are a lot of names based fillers hyaluronic acid. The most popular are the drugs «Surgiderm» and «Juvederm».

What are the indications for and contraindications to the procedure?

Indications for this procedure is the desire of the patient, his dissatisfaction with own appearance.

Contraindications are pregnancy and breast-feeding, acute infectious diseases. Itself hyaluronic acid does not have any contraindications, because it is a natural component which is not rejected by the body. Also it is not recommended to do this procedure in the first few days after the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

How is the procedure done, whether it requires some preparation of the patient?

Preparation of this procedure does not require, as follows: the doctor makes the patient an injection of local anesthetic in dentistry), it outlines the point of injection and a few minutes later starts to type filler using thin needles which leave no traces. The choice of filler depends on the nature of problems to be solved and other individual patient. The procedure lasts for about 20 minutes, and its effect is almost immediate. Recovery period after «injections of beauty» is not required.

What age can do this procedure?

It is recommended not earlier than the date of occurrence of the 18th anniversary of the patient.

The kind of care require lips with filler?

No special care lips with filler does not require daily conditioner will be quite enough.

How long does the effect of the procedure?

The result, if we are talking about филлерах on the basis of natural components, is held from 8 to 11 months, further, upon request of the patient, the procedure should be repeated. If the patient does not want to repeat the procedure, then after a while filler simply dissolve.

What can you tell those who weigh the «pros» and «cons», thinking about increasing the volume, change of the form of lips?

Fillers hyaluronic acid and collagen are strong opponents of plastic surgery. They are ideal for the prevention of age-related changes and struggle with them, provide the hydration of the skin, protect it from harmful external influences (including UV), does not cause allergies. Temporary fillers, if properly applied, create flawless lip volume, with no effect on the activity of the muscles, and therefore don’t change facial expressions. Injection on the basis of family our skin components can be applied at any time of the year without seasonal restrictions.

The main thing – demanding choose a specialist to whom you trust. Only experienced and qualified doctor-cosmetologist select the most suitable drug for the «injections of beauty» and its dosage considering the condition of your health and will perform the procedure with jewelry perfection!

«Injections of beauty? No, not now. However, ask me about it again when I’m sixty-five» (Heidi Klum)

Do you or your friends experience «acquaintance» with fillers into? Lived up to your expectations result of the procedure? Share your opinions and get rewarded week for the best reader’s comment is at stake, as always, a luxury beauty prize! Well and in the meantime we suggest that you look at our photo gallery in which the expert says, natural whether stars from nature plump lips or made by the skilful hand of the master…

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