Доказано: секс омолаживает на 7 лет

Doctor of medical Sciences, the Englishman Davis wicks made a statement that the subject of regular sexual intercourse older people will feel younger than seven years.

Professor wicks believes that the health of the 60-year-old people still allows them to have sex, but they are shy to have sex. According to him, with this stereotype to fight. Moreover, retirement is a time when your personal life can be given greater attention.

The study, which wicks and his colleagues conducted since 1997, it was shown that regular sex is very positively influence on such vital organs as the brain, heart, liver and other and also help get rid of excess fat.

A similar study was also conducted and Scottish scientists who have concluded that a premature mortality of men, which, at least, twice a week experience orgasm, 50 percent lower than those paying sexual life less time.

Source: sex-news.ru

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