Поставили браком: 8 правил, как не пропасть замужем

Put marriage: 8 rules as not married abyss

Marry – cherished dream of the majority of the girls whose passport is in the column «Marital status» has never been stamped. And what will happen when the отзвенят bells, cake begin dragging home visit, and the wedding dress will have to put into the closet? Then you will find the test of family life, and prepare for it properly will help our advice to future brides.

У-у-у, кровопийца! Wooo, the vampire!

1. Do not rush 

Yes, all the bridesmaids have already celebrated their wedding and some even opened for the couple to children. Yes, all the relatives of at least three years greet you with the phrase «When did you already get married?» instead of the usual polite Hello. Yes, and gynecologist’s not lying to you that, after 35 years give birth to the already complicated, adding, that if you with 15 years налегаете on alcohol and cigarettes, and in 20 years delivery for you will not be easy. The word «PORA!» sad hangs in the air, and you suddenly start to iterate over the list of old friends, who have not yet been ringed. Not worth it! Think of it, be free and self-confident girl looking for love much better than one day become «разведенкой», which was completely disappointed in men.

Лучше тусить на девичниках в Вегасе, отправляя замуж подруг, чем в Кукуево отправлять в себя самогонку с горя Better deal on girl parties in Vegas, sending married girlfriends than in Кукуево send in itself moonshine with grief

2. Choose with your heart 

But do not forget to include the brain. For the beloved man you forgive and short bouts of depression and socks with sandals, and snoring in his sleep, and cheerful buzzing in his ear or even convert all these shortcomings in his little dignity. In нелюбимом man you (of course if you are not a woman with titanium nerves) would be annoying with time everything: starting from his tattoos and finishing his style of driving.

Practical educated women in search of a future husband often first of all pay attention to the solvency and diligence, and then are surprised that within a year with her husband spend the evening in silence and in different rooms. Remember not to get married to a man you don’t talk about or, even worse, not something to laugh. All the same rights was a hero max fry, when he said that people can drink together, can live under one roof can make love, but only joint training of idiocy may indicate a real spiritual and spiritual closeness.

Если сердце не велит бросаться в брак с головой, то бросайтесь вон из брака! If the heart is not commanded to rush into marriage with the head, then jump out of the marriage!

3. Celebrate modestly 

Not устаивайте magnificent wedding and don’t call her all your distant relatives from Siberia. First, the preparation for this to anyone not a required event of return to its you and your parent and a husband – and even all the money. Secondly, you are still in the middle of a giant celebration will notice that about you all forgot to mention only drunk cry of «Bitter» vprikusku with salad Olivier. Wedding is your holiday, so be that day itself, find your comfort zone, dance on the waterfront in the usual white sundress and take photos of all this on the phone, and then the money saved to make his young family has a significant and meaningful gift.

Ой-ёй, шо ж делать-то?! Oh dear, sho do then?!

4. Do not rush into marriage as in the pool 

Today you are already not just a woman and a married woman. Only here on a universal level is unlikely that anything changed, except your status on social networks and a new name. Do not expect that on the morning after the wedding night your life will turn into an endless Fiesta with music, dancing, fireworks, trained lions and the clowns. No, you simply continue to live as before, only now it will require about ten times more endurance and patience. Do not think that marriage is such a lottery ticket, which will allow you to just take to win the happy life that you have dreamed of for years, examines the final episodes of «Wild angel». Don’t quit work and fitness club, not to change your hairstyle and circle of acquaintances and start to overhaul and apartments, and villas immediately. Otherwise your husband wakes up one morning, will see you располневшую in a Bathrobe with curlers and construction roller and understand that married on quite another man.

Бог мой, что же будет утром... My God, what will happen in the morning…

5. To intimidate friends 

You should not think that your friend who at the wedding rushed to catch the bouquet, both complete неудачницы, because no one in the Registrar’s office does not invite you. Don’t read them preach about how bad it is to be lonely, don’t give them tips on how to change themselves and where to find love on the Internet, and especially not to scream out that marriage and motherhood is the meaning of life. In the best case you will count crazy little wife with toxemia, in the worst – betray friendly anathema. Both the cross on your social life, so do your unmarried friends like they do husbands with their single friends: call them home, stocked with mint and rum cocktails, include the last film by Pedro Almodovar and laugh so that the neighbors in the wall knocked.

На бегу из платья выпрыгиваем вместе с подругами в бассейн с шампанским! On the run from dresses выпрыгиваем together with her friends in the pool with champagne!

6. Nobody imitate 

And Masha’s husband already at 18.00 comes home from work and can cook four types of pasta. And Lena’s husband took five credits for an apartment, a house, a car, a garage and a lawn mower. And your own dad, as says the mother begged her give a birth to a child, himself changed diapers and satisfy you in the best children’s garden area. And even your grandfather for the sake of grandmothers… Usually the older generation starts after that tell you that marriage is a hell of a work, on which should be put life and the entire salary. Nobody listen for anyone not to be guided. Your marriage is your own work, and it should appeal only to you and your husband. Build your happiness without looking around in high-rise tent, with dumplings instead of pasta and bicycles instead of cars. The main thing is that you happiness was easy and relaxed.

Подражание = раздражение Imitation = irritation

7. Don’t be finished selfish 

If you are his wife, it does not mean that the bars, fishing and bowling with friends for him now taboo. This does not mean that his mother should you adore and considered the best of all his former. It also doesn’t mean that his phone is now your friends are your friends, his salary – your stash to the Maldives, and his single friends – witches, which urgently need to be burned at the stake. Learn how to give a loved one a breath of fresh air that he could get on you get bored. Otherwise you with your repressions just one day ignored.

А ты уже тогда была вся в белом и с косой... But you already then was all in white and with a scythe…

8. Enjoy your life! 

Today, now, this very minute, right in this apartment and on this couch. Not fantasize, and in ten years it will be the new Roman Abramovich, and you Dasha Zhukova, as he takes you, as Assol, sailing to your Villa on the shore of the ocean, and ye shall bear him five children. While you run on banks, and to know at what interest rate you will give money, life will pass you by. Don’t try to make your husband a staircase to the seventh heaven, and do not impose its own dreams. Better give him instead of the new «Apple» gadget joint paragliding or diving courses and start was catching a buzz from his окольцованной love now, without waiting for a ripe old age.

Смирись, чувак, наслаждайся! Humble yourself, dude, enjoy!

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