Оцените: Сати Казанова состригла шикарные локоны (фото)

A new image Casanova boasted yesterday evening, put pictures on their social networking sites. «I haircut?» – asked the fans Satie, and later admitted that for a long time hesitated to such a bold step.

Photo: twitter.com/SatiKazanova

Photo: twitter.com/SatiKazanova

Photo: twitter.com/SatiKazanova

Changes, however, were greeted fans with delight.

Stars often experiment with their own appearance, but usually it is about the change of hair color: brunette suddenly become a blonde and Vice versa. To part with long hair, our celebrities are solved by far less, and sometimes resorted to the assistance of wigs to star in a new image in a photo shoot for a magazine or a surprise his fans. For example, the Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih surprised everyone radically short haircut. The actress, known for her fluffy hair, became an integral part of its image, recently shared the unique shots. On the photo it is hardly possible to find – so changed girl short black Bobrik.

Photo: twitter.com/KAMEHCKUX

It turned out, however, that the hair Nastya not trimming, and only resorted to the help of professional stylists and skillfully hid volumetric hairstyle under special wig.

In the case of Sati Kazanova, all honestly: judging by the pictures, it really visited the hairdresser and changed very much. Before the singer only occasionally experimented with bangs and shades of color. Now we observe a very bold and decisive step. I wonder what other changes expected Sati in the near future?

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