Dutch brand G-Star, specializing in production of high-quality denim, released a promotional video, which is illustrated by authentic brand concept. In the design of every model, the designers G-Star use architectural approach in the development of models and 3D design, attention to detail and unique design of each separate thing. Focusing primarily on high-quality raw material, G-Star create functional clothing denim, which can withstand the long toe and retains its shape and appearance. This approach reflects the second name of the Raw brand, that means in translation from English of the raw, natural, original, pure.» Denim G-Star Raw close to nature and retain the natural properties of natural materials.

To the selection of persons for their ad campaigns brand suitable unconventional as to the design, making a bet on the popular celebrities and actors-budget movies such as, for example, Vincent Gallo or Clemence Поэзи. The denim from G-Star wear Liv Tyler, Heidi Klum, Pink, Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Stefani and other stars. 

Рекламная кампания G-Star Advertising campaign G-Star

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