Рецепты летних восстанавливающих масок для волосРецепты летних восстанавливающих масок для волос
Beautiful and well-groomed hair will look like mask. Cook them at home is not difficult. I WANT to offer three of the most effective prescription.
Strengthen and moisturize hair help the egg-lemon mask. Mix the two egg yolks, lemon juice and a few drops of olive, almond or any other oil. A mask is held on the hair for about a half hour, then wash the head.
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Suitable for hair growth mask of herbs. Tablespoon of the herbal mixture (preparation take plantain, sage, chamomile, nettle and oregano in equal shares) poured a glass of boiling water and insist hour in a thermos. After this infusion filter, pulp mixed with black bread to the receipt of gruel. Mask scrub in the form of heat in the scalp, wrapped a towel and leave it for a couple of hours. Wash with running water at room temperature.
Oil for hair to help restore the curls in the hot sun, salt water and wind. 75 grams of crushed roots of burdock pour a glass of vegetable oil and insist night in a warm place. The mixture boil 15 minutes, filter after cooling and rubbed the hair and scalp for 1-2 hours before washing.
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