Рижский актер снимается в фильме вместе с женой Игоря Николаева (ФОТО)

Riga actor and showman Andris Булис starred in the movie “Grandfather 005”, where the role of a Secretary of his hero takes the wife of composer Igor Nikolaev, singer and actress Julia proskurjakova.

The film also play Sergey Shakurov, Vakhtang Kikabidze, Dmitry Maryanov, Tatiana Лютаева, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, and other famous artists.

In the film, the 70-year-old Colonel in the FSB, выпровоженный retired at the peak of professional forms (Sergey Shakurov), longs without work. And at this time the grandson of Colonel, a young employee of the foreign Ministry, beginner diplomatic career in Armenia (it just plays Andris Булис), gets into a difficult romantic situation. Wanting to help her beloved grandson, the Colonel sent to Yerevan, where he meets his old comrade from Georgia – cardiologist Heraclius (Vakhtang Kikabidze, who arrived in the capital of Armenia to solve their family problems…


Andris Булис filming Yulia Проскуряковой (left) and actress Olesya Судзиловской.

As told Andris Булис magazine Privata Dzive, “Grandfather 005” — mini-series of four series, hour, which will be shown on Russian TV. Part of the film was shot in Armenia, part is in Riga, in which the plot of the debt of the diplomatic service of the hero falls Булиса.

As for shooting films with Julia Проскуряковой, he believes that in the movie singer “plays well and completely corresponds to its role.

Let’s remind, that recently proskurjakova made her debut as an actress in the television movie “the Provincial Muse”, the plot of which is very similar to the story of acquaintance who was born in Sverdlovsk Yulia with Igor Nikolaev.

According to the magazine Privata Dzive

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