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For many vacationers mood for a vacation and positive relaxation appears in the airport, and to be quite accurate in shops of duty free duty free. They’re like a magnet even those who are not configured to make purchases. What is their advantage and what rules there are shopping in duty free, I WANT to tell.
Are they usually in the departure areas, immediately after the passport control area, although a number of airports, for example, the Philippines, Hungary, USA and Canada invite all shopaholics satisfy their passion immediately upon arrival. Duty free is more than simply shops it is the whole system of free trade, in international zones, airports, sea ports, and on passenger aircraft and marine vessels. You purchase goods without taxes, charges, excise duties, that essentially affects their prices and the apparent attractiveness for tourists. Mainly in duty free shops are presented tobacco, alcohol, Souvenirs, perfume and cosmetics, confectionery, accessories and clothing popular brands. The range of goods, usually varies from country to country.
History of the appearance of duty free is simple, but addictive. The first store appeared at Shannon airport in Ireland in 1947. The remarkable fact is that the owner of the store, Brendan O’regan was not going to organize what is now received such a widespread around the world. At that time, planes, moving on routes between Europe and the United States were obliged to make technical landing to refuel. And just Shannon airport, located near the town of Ennis, is the best suited for these purposes. During technical procedures for passengers entertained and idly walked about under the arches of the airport, sometimes not being able to buy even the goods of the first necessity. Resentment grew fell complaints and decided to open the shop at the airport, and because he was the formal boundary of Ireland, taxes on goods not installed. Needless to say how fast the shop has gained popularity?

Two resourceful and practical American Charles finne and Robert Miller brought the idea to the mind, having the idea of a duty free shop as a full-fledged business. Officially first correct duty free in the same format in which it is familiar to each of us appeared in Hong Kong in November, 1960. Now shops are located practically in any, even the smallest airport. Developing the system of organization of duty free in airplanes and cruise ships. In addition, duty-free shops can be found on the border of the two countries, if you will cross it by car or bus.

The most original recognized duty free tunnel, which passes underneath the English channel and connects Europe and the UK, and the most luxurious and varied in the number of the names of products is duty free at Dubai. Europe’s largest duty free is at Heathrow airport, in London. He, according to estimates of the German ADAC is the most advantageous prices.
No matter how luxurious and impressive or Vice versa, simple and little was not duty free, rules of purchases exist and are obligatory for implementation by all without exception. First of all, when paying at the cash register, you must present the boarding pass, and in some countries and passport with visa, confirming that you drive into the country or leave it.
But increasingly, there are talks that the prices of similar goods in the duty free of different countries differ from each other. This is due to the difference in exchange rates,and also depends on the producers of goods.
In any case, shopping in duty free will be correct and enjoyable if you buy such goods:
Alcohol and tobacco that, as a rule, are subject to the most high taxes. Saving your money on statistics is from 25 % to 50 %. In addition, the prices of goods in duty free countries-manufacturers will be lower than in duty free, importing similar goods. For example let us turn to the price of a bottle of rum made in Goa, which in the local duty free considerably lower than in Borispol. Therefore, all national best buy is already leaving the country.

For smokers and collectors also good news. Often in duty free features rare varieties of tobacco, cigars and other tobacco products. As well as the collection of cosmetics, which are issued in the format under duty free, are of a limited nature and sold out in minutes. Many women actually prefer shopping in duty free, since all novelties perfumery and cosmetics you find in the first place there.

Special attention is also attract comfortable travel-sets, which include some perfumes and skin care products, shampoo and more. You can’t collect it all home, and get on your way.
To the subtleties of shopping in the duty free also include the purchase of jewelry. Savings during their purchase will be from 15 to 30 %. Best strategy is to choose jewelry in duty free countries in the Middle East. The Souvenirs are still better to buy in the markets, базарчиках and in small shops cities where you rest. Experienced shopaholics shared experience that in duty free, Greece and Italy makes no sense to buy olive oil or pasta, as prices for domestic products in the cities is much lower than in duty free. Among the cheapest duty free are considered shops in airports in Turkey, Egypt, Вътнама, but you should be attentive to the quality of goods.
In addition to the rules there are also a number of restrictions on the import and export of goods in a particular country. With them it is desirable to get acquainted before the trip, so you do not lose at the register with the fact that so anxious chose for hours at a stretch. Restrictions on the amount of the purchase. Not all the stores, but it is better to consult with workers. For example in the U.S. you can purchase the product for an amount greater than $400 per person. All that is above this amount is taxed in accordance with the laws in force in the country.
Limited by the number of purchases. Almost all duty free has a rule that you can’t buy more than 10 units of the same name. This applies to tobacco products and the volume of alcoholic beverages. However, the number of liters entertainment drinks, which you can take with you, is different in every country.
There are restrictions and customs control. This is the most controversial rule that many then plunges into depression, and spoil the impression of the rest. Even if you make purchases in shops duty free, you may not import or export goods violating and excess.

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