Ученые: в 39 лет женщина еще может легко забеременетьУченые: в 39 лет женщина еще может легко забеременеть
Recent research scientists scratching their long-held stereotypes about late pregnancy. Psychologist Jean Tweng from the University of San Diego on the basis of their research made a statement that at the age of 39 likelihood of becoming pregnant women is still high.
Dr. Tenge dispelled the myth that after 30 chances of getting pregnant are very small. The results of her research showed that in 39 years old woman can become pregnant as easily as in 29 years. According to the statistics, which says that to know the joy of motherhood need to catch up to 30 years, does not take into account the latest achievements of medicine and changes in the quality of life of the modern women.
The study Gina Tweng participated 770 women in Europe. It was found that for women aged 35-39 who have sex at least twice a week, the probability of conception is 82%. Women 27-34 years chances of getting pregnant 86%. The result of research Tweng: age after 30 years is not associated with the onset of infertility.
Internet resources: Scientists: a 39 years old woman yet can easily get pregnant

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