Ученые открыли механизм привязанности партнеровУченые открыли механизм привязанности партнеров
University of Florida researchers found a correlation between sex and affection to your partner.
They found that if a couple lives together and supports intimate relationships, the partners increases the number of special receptors. Long connection does not change the DNA, but it affects the work of genes that strengthen marriage. Males increases the number of receptors responsible for susceptibility to вазопрессину, the female to the hormone oxytocin. Both hormones strengthen their attachment to the partner and the propensity for monogamy.
It is early to speak about the analogy with people. Specialists have revealed the dependence of the field mice, differing in their susceptibility to monogamy. If to speak about the effects of hormone, vasopressin is responsible for the sense of ownership of the protection of its territory or female, and oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, helps to decrease the muscles during labor. Investigating this mechanism, scientists have found that some substances may block receptors. So you can solve psychological problems. For example, to develop a cure, healing from love and affection.
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