Ученые: для 12% женщин мужчины смертельно опасны

Dr. Michael Carroll from Manchester Metropolitan University came to the conclusion that for 12% of the living on Earth women men pose a mortal danger.

The fact that it is the number of the representatives of the пркрасного floor are allergic to semen. And some of them, Allergy can appear so heavy that it causes anaphylactic shock mortally dangerous complication.

Among other signs of Allergy to cum — skin irritation, itching, pain during urination and eczema. The saddest thing is that the true reason for their problems knows negligible number of women suffer from this Allergy. Dr. Carroll with colleagues held a selective examination, which demonstrated that are allergic to semen observed in 12 women out of every 100.

According to the doctor, symptoms of hypersensitivity to the sperm is very often mistaken for the manifestation of other States, like dermatitis (skin inflammation), and certain sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, an allergic reaction is not the sperm, as part of the seminal fluid glycoprotein from the prostate gland. Thus, a woman can’t be allergic to semen of her husband or of any one man. If allergic reactions occur, they won’t disappear and in contacts with any representatives of the stronger sex.

Unfortunately, doctor until Carroll have not figured out the best ways to deal with this Allergy.

Source: medikforum.ru

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