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NASA’s planned journey of man to Mars, which will last at least 30 months, has among other things, and problems in sexual behaviour. It is known that in the absence of gravity, the human body behaves differently than in terrestrial environment. Especially during long-term space flight. This topic has become a subject of study for specialists.

Scientists from the Kinsey Institute found that being in zero gravity, the body slowly begins to produce testosterone, causing libido decreases. In addition, the blood flow to the lower body is weakened in the absence of gravity, which we experience on earth. In weightlessness, the blood flow is higher in the upper part of the body. Thus, sexual arousal due to weak blood flow decreases – both men and women.

Scientists also have concluded that the erection in space is not such a rare phenomenon. Another obstacle that confronts the sex microgravity – specific behavior of liquids in zero gravity. Sexual relations, as, indeed, the entire human body depends on moisture, which plays an important role here.

However, according to the astronauts, Affairs and concerns in space so much that sex there think last. No sexual contact in outer space was not.

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