Ученым удалось получить светящийся в темноте натуральный шелк!

By changing the genes silkworm Japanese scientists have learned how to make glowing in the dark silk.

Modification led to the fact that instead of the usual threads allocated tracks for weaving silk cocoons, insects began to issue fluorescent thread from which in the future, applying the traditional method, managed to create a full silk cloth.

The scientists note that although the resulting fabric and less strong than the natural analogue, its use in the manufacture of clothing is quite possible and

bright colors will be kept within two years.

In confirmation of this, researchers collaborated with designer wedding gowns Yumi Кацурой, which created using unusual materials suits and ties, as well as wedding dress, святящееся in the dark.

«At first we introduced шелкопрядам gene that allows them to produce a green fluorescent protein. We got very beautiful silk. Then we spread method to the other three colors and learned receive such a silk in large numbers,» quote «Вести.Ru» a molecular biologist, National Institute of agrobiological Sciences Тосики Тамуру.

To not just get флуоресцирующее silk fibre, and make him a functional material, scientists

I had to grow more than 20 thousand of transgenic silkworm.

They were fed leaves of the mulberry tree, and then all received cocoons carefully.

Modernized silk when commercial production will cost no more than usual silk. However, whether the case comes before commercialization, it is not yet clear. As noted by other specialists in visible light color silk turns out insufficiently pronounced in addition, a color palette of such product is still very limited.

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