< class="news_open" readability="40.367379679144"> Ученые: регулярные тренировки улучшают качество секса

A group of researchers decided to test how a love of sports can affect sexual life. Everyone knows that an active lifestyle and regular exercise have a beneficial effect on all indicators of the body — improves heart and vascular system, strengthening muscles, the body in General and the brain are toned. Therefore, scientists do not rule out that the sex way of life is also of great importance.

In the experiment, people were ided into two groups: some were the usual “sedentary” lifestyle, the second, by contrast, actively involved in sports. After 9 months, the researchers tested the results of subjects and found that active sports participants in the experiment improved their sex life. They claim that they have become much more active in sex, the pleasure was more intense, the excitement came faster than usual. In the bigger picture, the sex they do much more often. Men say that during intimacy they were more hardy, women rejoiced that the libido and the orgasm was much stronger.

Experts emphasize that it is especially important to know about the sport and its impact on sex couples live for years together. During this time, sex for them has become something ordinary and sometimes not even important. Therefore it is necessary to begin to lead an active way of life, to establish intimacy and open sexuality each other again.

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