Семь самых вредных пищевых добавок - эксперты предупреждаютWe do not always think about the dangers of food additives that consistently use everyday when cooking. Also many products contain harmful additives, and we do not notice or do not want to miss. Is to elaborate on a few of the most harmful. Examine the list of dangerous Eshek.

Monosodium glutamate (E621) is the most popular food additive, which also is the most insidious. This preservative quite strongly sharpens taste, giving them a bright flavour. And our taste buds are susceptible to such things and quickly remember the taste, starting over time demand more and more. This glutamate may cause headaches, destruction of nerve cells, nausea, lesions of the gastric mucosa (up to gastric ulcer).

Monosodium glutamate contains a large number of sauces, crackers, chips, processed foods, fast food.

Sodium nitrite (E250) is a kind of flavor enhancer which is usually put in meat products and ready meals. Nitrite makes the meat pink and gives it a smell and taste. The danger of the sodium nitrite in that it slows the growth of bad and good bacteria. During heat treatment of pernicious preservative becomes quite toxic.

It is usually put in meat products, sausages, sausages.

Aspartame (E 951) the artificial sweetener used to replace high-calorie counterpart. Aspartame is pretty dangerous because it can cause a spike of insulin in the blood and cause a strong appetite. If the stage is running, aspartame is responsible for weight gain. It affects the liver, produces headache, nausea and even cancer.

951 e is found in foods for diabetics, desserts, cakes, sweet carbonated drinks and chewing gum.

TRANS fats are plant fats that can cause obesity. They also negatively affect the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Unscrupulous manufacturers do not always indicate the presence of TRANS fats in products.

They are contained in confections, baked goods, dairy products, fast food.

Improver flour (Е920-930) – the most commonly used additive. It helps to reduce the cost of products and allows you to use ingredients of poor quality. Е920-930 causes problems with excess weight.

This harmful additive is contained in bakery products, fast food.

Sodium benzoate (E211) – prolongs shelf life of products. When it is combined with even with ascorbic acid, benzoates formed “benzene” is the strongest carcinogen, causing dizziness, loss of sleep, lack of energy and nausea.

E211 contains sauces, canned food, meat food.

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