Шок: девушки за деньги кормят олигархов грудью

Recruitment agencies in China have started to place ads on the recruitment of young women who lost a baby and not knowing what to do with unnecessary now milk.

As it turned out, it is not about the work of the nurse for someone else’s child. Breastfeeding is offered fully adult ивесьма wealthy people ready to pay for it 2-3 thousand dollars a month.

Rich people in Shenzhen and other cities in southern China, one after another began to fall in childhood after local Newspapers reported that human milk helps to cope with stress and are generally well strengthens your health.

“Some of our clients are accommodated nurses in his house, to hold fresh milk. Customers can drink milk directly from the chest, but those to whom it is uncomfortable, can certainly use a breast pump”, – told the Southern Metropolis Daily the representative of the company Xinxinyu Household Service Company Lin Yun.

The popularity of breastfeeding confirmed newspaper and one of the clients of the company: “Many of my friends drink breast milk, to spend 10-20 thousand yuan to hire a nurse – there is nothing unusual”.

Note: 10-20 thousand yuan — is 1 500-2 500 euros, so that milk really costs the Chinese were not that cheap.

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