Показ круизных коллекций в Юрмале: было что посмотреть и мужчинам

The venue of Jurmala Resort Collections became the terrace at hotel Jurmala SPA. The organizers have prepared two podiums, one of which came out in the area with tables, and the second right on Jomas street. The day show attracted some thousands of spectators, among whom there were representatives of the fashion industry, editors female gloss and media, guests of the city.

The program was very rich. During the day guests Jurmala was demonstrated three screenings: 12.40, 13.40 and 14.40. Fourth, evening, in the author’s show of designers and concept stores lasted almost an hour.

The show consisted of two parts. The guests saw the collection: Anna Led (Latvia), Ave Tamme (Estonia), Lilli Jahilo (Estonia), Inga Тауриня (in cooperation with the LMA), Anete Кришьянова (in cooperation with the LMA), Uzor, NS Stīls, IOVA (in cooperation with La Buccia Fine Shoes, SALT, VIGINTY Couture collection and concept stores Paviljons, which demonstrated the work of designers QooQoo, Janis Sne, Ecattus, One Wolf, Zane Poriete, Woolings and store Korona (Love Moschino, Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, Just Cavalli, D&G).

Separately it is necessary to tell about each of the collections.

Show Anna Led, as always, was characterised by natural materials and natural colors. Baltic chic, refined elegance and simplicity of the lines – all that so love clothes Anna Led.

Green, coral, grey – this holiday collection could not be better reflected the spirit of the Latvian fashion.

For VIGINTY Couture this show was the debut in terms of cooperation with other designers on the same stage. Dare to believe that the Jurmala Resort Collections breathed new forces in the Avu Вигинти, designer incredibly feminine dresses for the most sensual forms.

SALT showed the viewer Latvian geometry relevant in this season, ненавязчивою, but very colorful. Dresses feminine, closed, but at the same time emphasizing individuality.

NS Stīls, Inga Тауриня and UZOR will undoubtedly be a success among the customers a show-room of Jurmala Resort Collections, which is open daily from 11.00 to 20.00 at Hotel Jurmala SPA. There are a lot of beautiful summer activities for which it is the way to be evening distinctive outfits.

Paviljons showed us fashion streets. A little crazy, of course.

Collection эстонок Ave Tamme and Lilly Яхило seemed to us the most feminine. Marine and forest nymphs came out on Jurmala podium. As for dresses with flowers from Lilly immediately after the show formed a queue. Beautiful, summer, bright, feminine and luxury. Attention is drawn to the gentle colours and floral background.

There was something to see and men. Anete Кришьянова clad models in white, making it clear to the male half of humanity, that we should not be afraid to look bright. Respectable white with inserts of soft green and свежесорванной grass in his hand can safely be the trend this summer.

IOVA and their collection, inspired whether the 50-mi, whether the pin-up, was supplemented by an interesting accessories made of colored fur. The coquette in a white-blue-red to be seen at any event.

The demonstrations were a great success.

The first experience showed that we have a lot of talented and original designers

that can create collections for cruises and resort. Besides there is a large number of consumers for such products. Jurmala Resort Collections is a new stage in the development of fashion industry in Latvia. We are pleased that we are able to provide domestic and foreign designers a new platform for the creative and economic development. We have already received applications for participation in the next year from the leading Russian and Estonian designers», – commented on the show art Director of Jurmala Resort Collections Dmitry Dubovik.

Calm, neutral colours, simple shapes and cut, diverse decor and lots of accessories were presented on the podium in this day. Guests saw and romantic women travelers, and beach holidaymakers and fans of Golf clubs and luxurious lady with skirts to the floor.

The integrity of each image attached accessories, and shoes will be presented in the show-room until July 31.

After the show, the guests visited the show-room, where the collections were exhibited for sale. Customers now have the opportunity to acquire works of designers, clothing, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, cosmetics and works of art that will be assembled under one roof.

Show-room of Jurmala resort collections 2013 opened. We are waiting for you every day until July 31, the Hotel Jurmala SPA on Jomas street!

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