Собчак: «Мужик в сланцах - это приговор!»

«A man in the shale is a death sentence. And I don’t understand why, if it’s hot, it is necessary to полуголым in the centre of the metropolis. Even in the heat can remain a decent person. But alas. With a can of beer in his hand, a cross on the breast and naked belly навыкат

Russia returns to the place where once to get out, – on the global periphery»,

– Sobchak wrote in his microblog.

However, one man she allowed to go into the shale. And this is not her husband Maxim Vitorgan: «Forgive the lack of urban dress code and shales can only Dima Bykov. First you become that kind of person, and then shale, and not Vice versa. Conclusion of the tweet – slates must be earned!».

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