Солнечный и тепловой удары: признаки и первая помощьСолнечный и тепловой удары: признаки и первая помощь
Solar and thermal shocks, as unpleasant but quite often in the summer season. How to properly identify its symptoms and first aid read in our material.
What is heat stroke? This is a strong overheating of the body, in the result of which accelerated the processes of heat and simultaneously reduces the transfer of heat in the body. It can happen to a person like on the beach and in a traffic jam and sauna.
Sunstroke kind of heat stroke happens in that case when the person is a long time under direct sunlight. Blood vessels to expand, and there is a strong inflow of blood to the head. From sunstroke, first of all suffers nervous system.
Solar and thermal shocks is often diagnosed the same because of the similarity of symptoms, only the effects of heat stroke harder and the body needs much more time on his recovery.
The main signs of heat or sunlight strikes:
The emergence of cold sweat.
Dilation of the pupils.
Darkening of the eyes and dizziness.
The abrupt onset of weakness.
Constant sleepiness.
Red spots on the face and body.
Severe headaches.
Body temperature can reach.
In particularly difficult cases can be severe vomiting or cramps, loss of consciousness.
First aid thermal shock:
First of all it is necessary to call an ambulance, and prior to her arrival, do the following:
Move the injured in the shadow, in a cool place and put a roller head ( from clothing or towels).
If it tight clothes, shirt buttoned the last button, to quickly release the body and cover it with a sheet, soaked in cold water.
Attach to his forehead and under nape cold compresses or ice cubes.
If you are in a room, open the box to provide fresh air.
If the affected clothes made of dense material or synthetics better to remove it at all.
If the human condition allows, give him a drink of cool water, strong tea or coffee.
If the victim is blurred, give him sniffing ammonia.
After the doctor has diagnosed, it is important that the victim is first few days to observe strict bed rest. You need to fully recover from the illness, as there is a risk that the strike will happen again.
How to avoid heat stroke?
Try to move less in the hours of active sun (from 11:00 to 16:00).
In hot days is not recommended strongly to overeat and eat junk food.
Wear loose clothing of the lung tissues.
Do not drink alcohol, drink lots of cold water.
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