Звезды в зеленых нарядах. ФотоGreen indicates a state of calm and tranquility. If life has become too nervous to think about how to get a green dress in the wardrobe, because green contributes to rest and restoration of the body.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Fans of this color is not afraid of hypochondria. For normalization of the psychological state recommended to choose even sunglasses with green glasses. Clothing green shades will help towards the cherished goal. It is explained by the General increase in the vitality and the removal of nervous tension. Best green looks tanned skin, as it reinforces the tan. In the trend of dark emerald and olive green tones.
Celebrities often choose the green to red carpet. First, the color smoothes demonstrative behavior, so in a green dress man looks calmly, confidently and naturally, even though inside he gets excited and nervous. Secondly, psychologists have noticed that green clothes helps to win the conversation.

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