Начался период ретроградного Меркурия: что это значит?Начался период ретроградного Меркурия: что это значит?
In the period from 26.06.2013 (16:08) 20.07.2013 (21:22) mercury will be in a retrograde motion.
Period of retrograde (reverse, попятного) mercury regular event, which is connected with the peculiarity of the motion of planets of the solar system, and is on average three times a year. The duration of each such period is up to 24 calendar days.
Because mercury is a planet that is responsible for communication, communications, Commerce, exchange of information, intelligence, contract, trade and transport, on Earth is this movement is expressed in the emergence of difficulties, errors, misunderstandings, the appearance of spontaneous changes and unexpected outcomes in these areas. Although, it absolutely speaks, that in periods ретроградности need to throw up and do nothing, while appealing enough weighty argument. On the contrary, you have the opportunity to rethink what was previously done, close the old questions, to strengthen their mental attitudes, immerse yourself in a deep process of introspection, find lost things.
Thus, during the mercury retrograde is not recommended:
– start a new business;
– register a new business;
– to sign the contract;
– to execute commercial transactions;
– to conduct operations with real estate;
– buy appliances and cars;
– go to travel;
– engage in advertising and publishing activities;
– get a new job;
– to register the marriage;
– start learning and exams.
Mercury retrograde period favorable for:
– completion of earlier launched Affairs;
– correction and rethinking their plans for the future;
– self-improvement, practice various spiritual practices and psychological work;
– the renewal of lost connections and meeting up with old friends, classmates, fellow students;
– global revision of its Affairs, papers and documents;
– repetition and assimilation of previously acquired knowledge;
– dismissal from work;
– repair of equipment.
Remember, no one life span is not given to us, and how meaningful and productive it will be, depends on our efforts, aspirations and the manifested wisdom.
Let’s remind, next mercury retrograde period – with 21.10 on 10.11.2013 year.
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