Летнее трио от Chanel: дымка, гель для контура вокруг глаз и эмульсия

Gel serum and smoke from a line Hydra Beauty from Chanel

In this bright summer 2013 Chanel presents three novelties – hydrating mist face Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, eye contour gel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux and emulsion UV Essentiel (3 species with SPF 20, 30,50), which protects from ultraviolet rays and the negative influence of the environment. They are all presented in a compact size, and, therefore, are indispensable in the journey!

UV Essentiel

Эмульсия UV Essentiel от Chanel - комплексная защита от ультрафиолетовых лучей и негативного влияния окружающей среды. Представлена в трех вариациях – выберете подходящий вам SPF Emulsion UV Essentiel from Chanel – complex protection from UV rays and negative influence of the environment. Presents in three variations – select the desired SPF

This product perfectly protects from the sun such as UVA and UVB rays, as well as from harmful environmental factors affecting the skin. In the emulsion of hyaluronic acid, which provides excellent moisture. The tool has a mattifying effect due to the soft powder in composition. Texture is light, typical for all products Chanel.

A wide range of SPF – 20, 30, 50 – allows the use of emulsion and on the beach, and the ski resort.

Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

Дымка Hydra Beauty Mist от Chanel Haze Hydra Beauty Mist from Chanel

Moisturizing mist for a person belongs to a series of tools Hydra Beauty, whose members are extracts of the Camellia and blue ginger with O. Madagascar. These elements help the skin to intensify the natural mechanisms of protection and moisturizing, restoring optimal water balance in the cells. And thanks антиоксиданту Blue Ginger PFA products lines block and neutralize free radicals, thus regulating the natural system of natural self-defense skin. All this can be said about each tool of the line.

The airy, ultra-hydrating mist Hydra Beauty Essence Mist lifts the senses of the skin, gives her hydration, protection and energy at any time of the day. Thousands of micro-droplets with subtle notes of fruity aroma nice to moisturize and refresh the face.


Apply Hydra Beauty Essence Mist on your face and neck, when needed. With closed eyes spray mist on your face in a circular motion, keeping the bottle at a distance of 15 cm from all persons and avoiding the eyes.

Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux

Гель для контура глаз Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux от Chanel Eye contour gel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux from Chanel

Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux refreshes and revitalizes the skin gently in the sensitive area around the eyes, helping to prevent the appearance of dark circles and the onset of wrinkles.


Apply Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux morning and/or evening to the skin around the eyes with the tips of the fingers of light targeted movements, then, circular motion, shim layer, improving microcirculation zone.

The estimated cost of the UV Essentiel – 2640 rubles
The estimated cost of the Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux eye contour gel) – 2587 rubles 
The estimated cost of the Hydra Beauty Mist (haze) – 2904 rubles

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