Switch on your brain! 10 stupid purchases summer-2013

Buy a lot, and not always with knowledge of the case – our favorite female hobby that regularly «fueled» new collections of favorite brands and messages about sales and specials. We already gave you advice on how to spend less on clothes, and many of you recognized them useful and suggested: always allocate a specific amount for shopping and never take any unnecessary money going to the store. This all sounds good, but even with limited funds to purchase, it is very easy to be tempted to something very cute, affordable and fashionable, but… you completely unnecessary. Do not give shopaholism take us with bare hands and make a list of summer purchases that are likely to fall short of expectations.

1. Dresses made of polyester 

All the dresses of polyester such bright and colorful, waving in the wind, and very light, feels as if made of natural silk or chiffon. We can argue that you have in your collection already has one such dress, соблазнившее you a memorable picture or frills, but in the heat it’s not giving your skin to breathe wet in the area of the waist and treacherously sticks to seats on the subway. Is it worth to spend money then another one for the same?

Alternative: dresses of modal or cotton.

Pull & Bear Pull & Bear Monki Monki

2. Tops in fishnet 

With a top fishnet all usually it works like this: you buy it, and then see what he shamelessly transparent and urgently need to find something for him, and then, once found, can’t find a suitable occasion for such a bold service and simply put off the top before the holidays at sea.

Alternative: tops with an open back.

To Love Kuvaa To Love Kuvaa River Island River Island

3. Summer boots 

As the streets begin to fill the girls knitted boots on bare leg, we can safely say summer is here! Selling these ubiquitous boots in such quantity, we, unfortunately, do not know, but you want to still strongly warn against such a stupid and quite impractical purchase.

Alternative: sandals-gladiators.

Arielle de Pinto Arielle de Pinto KG Kurt Geiger KG Kurt Geiger

4. Pants made of linen 

Iron these pants in the morning – the whole test. Moreover, resorting to it every day, because the pants of flax manage to be covered folds after a few hours socks. If the prospect of waking up earlier just for the press and go to the wrinkled clothes you smiling, looking for a less capricious tissue.

Alternative: cotton trousers.

Monsoon Monsoon Sisley Sisley

5. Flip flops with pictures 

Flip flops – not the kind of shoes you want to spend big money to be worn for several seasons in a row. But nevertheless painful to realize that after one week of the sea your flip flops look as if you wear them at school. Before you buy, make sure that the sole and top flip flops were the same color. Put on flip flops figure in the form of a film immediately erased under the foot, and your summer shoes will not presentable.

Alternative: flip flops from the skin.

Colors of California Colors of California H&M H&M

6. Long denim overalls 

Another name for this type of service boilersuit – coveralls – speaks for itself. If you are not looking for a costume for the execution of horticultural Affairs, джинсовому combination you can find a more decent replacement. Moreover assortment of clothing and clothing denim really huge.

Alternative: dress made from denim.

J. Brand J. Brand G-Star G-Star

7. Vests 

Find жилеткам summer worthy application is extremely difficult: they don’t heat the evening, cool during the day, and therefore serve as decoration, – just as a «Supplement» to the initial along. If you put the bought a vest only twice this summer spent the money she obviously does not justify. There would be better to buy a jacket or a jacket?

Alternative: lightweight jacket-kimono.

Scotch & Soda Scotch & Soda Mango Mango

8. Artificial leather shoes 

In particular, it concerns the regions of artificial leather and shoes on the heavy wooden platform that in hot weather, the life of the foot becomes one of the most «terrible» circles of hell. By the way, the shoes of the innovative rubber, which supposedly gives feet to «breathe», – this is another myth. May be, of rubber sandals you still seem comfortable, but after rubber ballerinas your feet just need a cold shower.

Alternative: genuine leather and suede.

Bebe Bebe Tory Burch Tory Burch

9. Headbands with flowers 

First of all these floral headbands seemed nice and romantic, and then «Mature enough» to the size of the huge wreaths and spread as pollen and around the city. It turned out that to comply with the measure with bouquets on the head many as hard as gold at the neck and with leopard prints on the body.

Alternative: hairpin for hair, with which you can make ретроволны.

Asos Asos Miss Selfridge Miss Selfridge

10. Sunglasses in the mad frame 

Life any fashion model sunglasses very short and it always lasts for only one season. Next summer designers will come up with something new, and points you разонравятся and go on the shelf. Decided to invest in one pair of good sunglasses – invest only in the model which goes first of all to you and belongs to the category of classic.

Alternative: sunglasses classic bodies.

Quay Quay Vans Vans

And what are the things you strongly recommend not to buy this summer?

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