«Синдром оргазмической ноги» - редчайшая болезнь

Orgasm is not провоцировался sexual arousal or relevant thoughts. On the day he visits her 5-6 times. Dr Marcel D. Валдингер of the University of Utrecht, who treated the woman, emphasizes spontaneous orgasms reflected negatively on the patient’s life.

As a therapy were selected injections of anesthetic into the spinal nerves (these nerves perceive the information coming from the feet, as well as from the vagina. As a result of orgasms no longer occurred. The doctor does not exclude, that will require re-treatment.

The cause of the anomaly – violation of nerve connections in the brain. About one and a half years before the first symptoms of the disorder woman spent three weeks in intensive care (coma) due to sepsis. After leaving the hospital, she felt a tingling or burning sensation in his left leg.

Due to damage to the nerves in the leg brain ceased to receive sensory information coming from limb. However, the touch information freely came from the vagina. A year and a half nerve in the leg recovered. However, at that time, the brain has ceased to distinguish between the information coming from the vagina and legs.

Therefore, any stimulus coming from the feet, was perceived as if it is coming from the vagina. In medicine this disorder was called «syndrome оргазмической legs».

The patient – the second person in the world with this deviation,

the specialists think. The first man, who lost his leg.

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