Принять на грудь: виды бюстгальтеров и тонкости их выбора

Take in the chest: types of bras and subtleties of their choice

First bra was invented in Ancient Egypt, but then it was just for girls of noble origin, which, in order to have a high and firmer Breasts, recorded her ribbons. Many centuries later, women want the same thing: with the help of the bra they not only cover the nipples, but also to raise, and make her beautiful form. This helps all kinds of bras, which differ in shape and content of the cups, by type of fixation straps and layout of fasteners, so you could find the right model for your Breasts and for the selected service.

Bra classic 

The most common models bras that women pick up for daily socks, bras are as soft and padded cups. Bras with cups of thin silk, cotton or lace raise the chest, but do not add it volume and do not adjust its form, while bras with padded cups are only created specially for these purposes. Bras with soft cups of transparent material unsuitable for socks under tight or transparent clothing. With regard to the bras with padded cups, they are produced in special models without finishing, under the service was not visible nor the relief of chest, nor the material of the bra. 

Kallisti by Marios Schwab Kallisti by Marios Schwab Claudette Claudette

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney Vero Moda Vero Moda


Bra-pushap has low Cup, located on the same level. Model «pushap» can be a risky for women with large Breasts, because it opens up the top of the chest and not fixing it as well as private bra models. Breast size cups A or B fit bras-pushap with the effect of the push up. In a dress or top strapless bodice-pushap beautifully accentuate even a small chest.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana La Perla La Perla

Strapless bra 

Some models bras pushap produced with removable straps or no. They are ideal for open-dresses-bustier, you just have to make sure that the bra is picked up clearly in size and will not bashful inconvenience.

Topshop Topshop American Eagle American Eagle

Bra with smart straps 

Bra with straps, which can be detected in several positions, able to adjust to your clothes and skillfully hiding under dresses and tops with asymmetrical straps, backless or with X-shaped straps on the back.

Victoria's Secret Victoria’s Secret DKNY Intimates DKNY Intimates

Push up bra 

This model bra love not only those with small Breasts. Every girl wants beautifully demonstrate his chest in a dress with a neckline and visually increase its size. Bra with effect push up just gives such a possibility. The produced effect depends on what part of the bra is поролоновая or gel push up lining: located under the breast, it helps to lift the chest, side – brings far planted Breasts.

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Verdissima Verdissima

Indoor bra 

This bra model ensures maximum support and fixation of a breast and a perfect girls with large Breasts and pregnant. Closed bras usually take the form of drops and wide straps, so they can be worn under clothing with an open top.

Fantasie Fantasie Huit Huit

Sports bra 

Sports bras fix the chest, not by the inner linings or wire, and at the expense of stretch fabric which presses on the chest. Engage in active sports in normal underwear or no it is not recommended.

Bonds Bonds Adidas Adidas


Progress does not stand still, and new models bras literally amazing. They are so cleverly, that traces of underwear you will not notice neither the back of the dress with bare back, nor on the shoulders, neither side. Many girls already have tried to imagine invisible silicone strapless bras that are attached directly to the chest and not visible under the clothes.

Ash Ash Fashion Forms Fashion Forms

This range of bras not going to end. There are also special bras for nursing mothers, reducing breast bras for big sizes and a huge number of bras, related to the erotic underwear: bras no cups, with holes for the nipple and so on, But that’s another story…

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