Ужасно НЕкрасиво! 15 непростительных бьюти-промахов в летнем макияже и маникюре

In the summer want to look particularly attractive and brightly, experiment with colors, textures and новоприобретенными cosmetics. But not all experiments are good. We know perfectly well that it is impossible to focus in make-up to both the eyes and on the lips, but lawmakers beauty trends often violate this rule. Who knows, perhaps one day it will become history, as it happened with the requirement that nail Polish coincided with a touch of lipstick. However, the «crimes» against the salon are the place to be – as you know, mistakes happen even stars on the red carpet. How, desiring to look better not do that… only worse? «Exposing» 15 common mistakes in the make-up and manicure with our permanent experts on beauty: Pavel Kulikov official make-up artist AVON, and Nelly Shilova, the senior teacher of the educational centre «Olehouse – Moscow».

Павел КуликовНелли Шилова

Here is the «painting»! 8 typical summer errors in make-up

Beauty, of course, a terrible force, but let about you no one ever says so in the truest sense. Take note of the recommendations Pavel Kulikov, and even if you do not violate the «unwritten» rules makeup, arrange beauty-literacy friends. Ready to fight for the pure ideals?

Gently, shades!

The first error of girls and women is excessive love for mother-of-pearl shadows. If you hanging eyelid, very thin skin around the eyes, then use shades will not be further emphasize imperfections, not will make up for them, especially in the summer heat.

Work above mistakes. Use matte eyeshadow.

Gently, pink and peach blush!

Many girls put pink, peach blush on the cheeks is not quite right, if only you will come to the party of the 80-H. Place in pink shadows – the apples of the cheeks, to refresh your face, giving it a healthy glow.

Work above mistakes. To adjust the face, use brown or beige blush applied to the cheeks, temples, jawbone – they perfectly underlined by the newly acquired a tan.

Cautiously, a dark tone!

You cannot use the creams, which is much darker than your natural facial tone – do not try to draw tan, no. It turns out the effect of the mask – it looks awful.

Work above mistakes. To choose the right tone, apply a small amount into your neck. This way you can easily identify the desired shade – it should not significantly differ from the General tone of the skin.

Gently, dark lip pencil!

Another Hello from the 80’s – duet dark liner and bright lipstick. Whatever you watched makeup, treacherous path and then it makes itself known to others.

Work above mistakes. Choose a lip pencil in the shade close to your natural lip color. If you apply the dark liner under the red, wine-berry and the other a dark lipstick, draw them not only in outline, but completely lip surface with light strokes. Then, apply lipstick, and over it the sheer gloss.

Carefully, the effect of Cleopatra.

Infinitely long arrows on the eyes can look sexy, and vulgar, especially if you «драматизируете» day makeup. Whether to go to far to achieve a sultry glance? The limit for the experiments even in a festive manner, according to the makeup artists, the tip of the eyebrows – line arrows should not go for it. The other extreme is to sum up the habit eyes only half that visually makes them smaller and closer together.

Work above mistakes. Use eyeliner, if you are new to drawing arrows. Liquid liner more glamorous at all, but requires skill in handling them and a firm hand. To get neat arrows, drag the line close to the roots of eyelashes from inner to outer corner of the eye. At the outer edge extend a thin line arrows are not more than 5-6 mm in Summer it is not forbidden to use bright colors liners – green, violet, blue.

Gently, lots of mascara!

To make the look more expressive, we often apply mascara abundantly, and then dissatisfied by the fact that the eyelashes are glued or are unsightly lumps.

Work above mistakes. Shake the ink before use. Apply the ink no more than two layers, each time after its drying on the eyelashes gently spend on them clean an old tooth brush or a special расчесочкой.

Carefully, the effect of the dolls!

If the boundaries of blush on the face visible, it’s a real beauty catastrophe. Contributes to this in many cases compact blusher brush that accompanies the палетке, such a brush does not distribute color evenly.

Work above mistakes. Start to blush a special big brush. Remember receiving the make-up: after you have typed the blush on the brush, gently shake it on the back of the hand to dispose of surplus decorative means. To determine places applying powder and to get a more natural-looking glow, smile and light touches tap the apples of the cheeks.

Gently, underestimation of the blue mascara!

Enjoy the summer only black, gray, and black or brown mascara – boring. Makeup artists say: beautiful everyday and evening option in the eye makeup can become and blue ink. Not punk bright blue and noble deep blue hue. This mascara is suitable with all the colors of eyes and age, and she makes it look more youthful and fresh, helping to hide redness proteins, if my eyes are tired.

Work above mistakes. If the blue color of ink you think is too bold, apply to the entire length of lashes a familiar black shade and tips do a little blue. The effect of open sight you will be pleasantly surprised!

All the lowdown! 7 common mistakes in manicure

If nails exfoliate, cuticle небезупречна and varnish lasts a little longer, perhaps the reason for this wrong nail care. Our resident expert Nelly Shilov talks about the most common beauty mistakes in manicure.

Gently, metal nail!

Metal nail – «enemy» of your nails. This tool even can be compared with a file that hurts their fragile structures. If you use this file, be prepared for the fact that the nails begin to break down and delaminate.

Work above mistakes. Modern files are produced from a variety of natural and artificial materials. Best to replace the metal on a wooden nail with abrasive coating. This will help your nails become more strong and healthy.

Gently, hurry!

Not strive. ‘t need the greater the pressure on the instrument to shape the nails and get work done faster. Thus you only травмируете them. After a couple of days most «victim» nail can start to exfoliate, crumble or fail.

Work above mistakes. Take a manicure more time for the work tool more carefully. Rasp nails need accurate, smooth movements.

Caution incorrect processing!

Manicure nail file is not saw, and her work be different. In no case подпиливайте in different directions (back and forth). It makes nails weaker, because the tip of the nail plates formed microcracks.

Work above mistakes. To move to from the left edge to the center, then from the right edge to the center. Correctly to hold the nail – angle to the edge of the nail to the main processing occurred on the outside.

Gently, saving for protection!

Do not neglect the top cover. Usually consider, the more layers of lacquer applied, the worse it will hold, but opinion is wrong.

Work above mistakes. Top coating protects manicure, ensures its durability and resistance, and can give it a special effect, for example, the «wet» or cracked varnish. Also there are upper cover the effect of drying. 

Gently, abuse removers!

Do not use the same nail Polish remover and degreasing nails. This is absolutely two different tools, their chemical composition differs depending on the objectives.

Work above mistakes. For removing the cover we размачиваем lacquer, applying liquid with glycerin, extracts and отдушками that reduces damage to the nail. For degreasing need volatile liquid that well removes fatty film and remove excess moisture. It is necessary for the best coupling with a basic Foundation under the varnish. 

Gently, cutoff manicure without baths for hands!

Work with metal instruments for dry skin is a waste of time. Your cuticle will not get the desired ideal form without soaking hands, because after manicure on the skin are burrs.

Work above mistakes. Take some time and make your hands a foot Spa. After распарите cuticle within 5-10 minutes, you can begin to work. Avoid burrs and do without water treatments can be dry manicure. In this case you should use a cream for gentle exfoliation cuticle and the skin around the nail.

Gently, problematic nails!

Sloppy manicure happens if you apply the varnish layer nails. You will not have time and day to bring new varnish, as coverage begins «to depart».

Work above mistakes. Before applying a base coat and top coat should cause the nails to the ideal state. First of all gash stratification of the nail plate, and then polished up with caring oil, which perfectly seals scales nail and contributes to its strengthening.

What advice of our experts you use for a long time, and which are to be useful discovery? What else do you think unforgivable blunder in make-up and manicure? Share your opinions and get rewarded week for the best reader’s comment – winner, as always, a luxury beauty prize!

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