Что мужчины ценят в женщинах больше всегоЧто мужчины ценят в женщинах больше всего
From time to time researchers conduct surveys on the topic. Americans recently spoke for a smart, educated and well-off financially. Three years earlier, the same Americans called love, faithfulness and emotional stability. Affects crisis men want to share the financial burden. Russia’s recent survey showed, another top: beauty (37%), kindness (24%), mind (14%). Somewhere in the bottom of trudged faithfulness and decency. And though who said that he appreciates in the woman an apartment, a car, dad’s position, culinary skills or sexual appetite.

The question, of course, a theoretical one. From the series: why are you interested? Having collected the best quality women’s and measured out in the necessary proportions, we don’t create the perfect woman. And not be able to fit themselves prescription. And where to get the perfect man who will love the perfect woman, until they die in one day out of boredom? It is clear that with age, or life experiences to changing priorities. If your girlfriend or wife is not perceived by the General trend, the trend will catch someone else. Shall not consider such things as love cooking, mother in law and order. To whom it is necessary, that will cope. A man is still not recognized, what is really important. Say, love is important. If you love, then nothing matters even an apartment, a car and daddy’s position.

Anyone that hurts

Man a lot to communicate, by occupation, the wife is on maternity leave, child six months. He said that the important thing ability to remain silent and beautiful figure of a woman. What bothers him recently. The man pays the loan and became earn less. His version of the main thing: that not bear the brain and rejoiced that he has. A lonely old man described as the main loyalty. Man of the house учиняют scandals, the most important thing called respect. Someone who has experienced betrayal, called loyalty. Deceived called honesty. Erudite man described as mind and a desire to communicate, share ideas. Because, according to him, a dialogue and mutual intellectual enrichment and is the basis of relations. Wealthy called obedience and convenience. Unmarried guy called good sex. In different contexts mentioned cheerful character, the ability to easily endure difficulties, calm character, sexuality, femininity, absence of arrogance, creative or intellectual profession, ability to support and understand, modesty, wisdom, equal social status, thrift, self-sufficiency, ability to forgive, not to strain, to cook and to her it was interesting. Sure, that’s easy enough. And посткриптум: but if I love her, it doesn’t matter.

With age comes wisdom

It is not a secret that over time, the priorities change. Losing one job man, and is on the first place generosity. Falls ill and becomes important care and attention. Having problems need responsiveness. Increased social status need a nice educated woman. And that in my life no matter changed from women want only one catch, where the wind blows understanding, and make the correct sail. If one spouse something is missing, then the second must be in excess. If one spouse something he enjoys, beekeeping, for example, or a separate supply, then the second must support and help.
Statistics such observations confirms. Beauty and the sex appeal of a need to attract the attention of men. For young men are important education and work, they make a career. After thirty come first spiritual qualities, kindness, compassion. At this time, the wife should give birth and raise children. After the fortieth anniversary, closer to a midlife crisis comes on the scene understanding. If you try to generalize this experience, you will discover an interesting formula. On what men call quality? The answer is simple: they want to be comfortable. Update: convenient? No, they say. Conveniently, this is the pig at the feeders. And comfortable is a state of mind, like a flower in the greenhouse. Light, warm, cozy, and it blooms in favourable conditions. Mean woman requires sensitivity and intelligence otherwise she doesn’t know how to create comfort. Because everyone’s needs are different: one to talk to another command, third submit bricks in construction of a country house. One create a query, another answer to it. Nothing complicated. For people who divided in half life, it is a natural, almost easy process.
Almost goddess…
Male приукрашенных answer was a goddess. Beautiful body and soul. With high IQs, feeding, salary and degree of empathy (the ability to perceive the emotional state of the other person). That is, when to be silent silent when you can speak to communicate. Kind, sympathetic, sincere and natural. In General, whatever you say, my lady, and it is necessary that you were precisely those traits that are needed by your man. Better learning your boyfriend, you will understand what exactly your quality interested him. If you find guys who love to talk, so interested in you. If workaholics, so you have a chance to achieve a lot. If маменькины sons, then your karma to guide and nurture. It is clear that you cannot force of will change their personal qualities. Maybe they were right to say: if you love it doesn’t matter. Because if a woman loves, she is beautiful, kind, sexual, intelligent and self-confident. May and legs grow, and fish is a fish and cook, and ten acres to plant, and a loan to pay. Us, goddesses, all the forces.

With you should be easy

Can I learn to create a comfortable space for a man? You can, if you follow some rules.

Always be in a good mood.

Be with a man attentive and patient, like a child.

Not heed his shortcomings.

As often as you can praise him and compliments.

Any problem consider his position.

Hide that you are disappointed.

Do not show anger and selfishness.

Do not ship its problems.

Thank him for any sign of attention.

Never not reproach him.

Do not make scandals.

Be cheerful, contented and grateful.

And do not say that it is hard. For normal goddess nothing is impossible, and for the beloved.

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