That’s arrived! 6 pairs of the most elegant shoes-boats summer-2013

Under shoes-boats accepted understand heels or wedges with a fully closed heel and middle part of the foot. Shoes do not have straps or laces, wear them on foot without using your hands, you can easily and freely.

The history of shoes-boats 

First shoes of this type appeared in the XVI century and wore it exclusively to men. Ancient pumps had pronounced heel and called pompes. Hence the name of the future of these shoes pumps, existing today in English and German.

Shoes on a small heel (4 cm) were in use in the late XIX and early XX centuries. And in 1906, French Shoe designer Andre Perugia professors created the most in demand and to this day model shoes-boats for women called stiletto. This definition came from the name of a knife or blade is very sharp, and a long blade. Shoes stiletto have a sharp nose and a stiletto heel, making foot elegant and sexy. The peak of his popularity shoes stiletto reached in 50-ies of XX century, when their steel production work couturier. The most famous of them was the Frenchman Roger Vivier, who made stiletto subject of female and male Shoe fetish. Shoes later made famous and Spanish Shoe designer Manolo Бланика, whose creations so loved the Kerry Bradshaw from the TV series «Sex and the city». Blanik created his first pair of shoes-boats with a sharp nose in 1974 and made a name for this model. Competitor Manolo Бланика Frenchman Christian lubuto, which today is one of the richest and most sought-after Shoe designers, реинкарнирует shoes stiletto in each collection, implementing them in new colours, materials and shapes.

Мэрилин Монро в туфлях-лодочках, 50-е годы Marilyn Monroe in shoes-boats, 50 years Туфли-лодочки, 50-е годы Shoes, 50 years

Туфли-лодочки, созданные Роже Вивье для Christian Dior, 50-е годы Shoes created by Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, 50 years Жаклин Кеннеди в туфлях-лодочках, 60-е годы Jacqueline Kennedy shoes-tarts, 60s

Мэрилин Монро Marilyn Monroe Роже Вивье и его туфли Roger Vivier and his shoes

Туфли-лодочки, 60-е годы Shoes, 60s

Shoes, shoes for all seasons 

Today shoes became the classical model footwear worn by women of all ages. Shoes are available in different variations and can easily serve her mistress 24 hours a day – from morning at work till late at night at a party.

Many women prefer the universal shoes-лодочкам in black, white or beige colors, because they are suitable for almost any clothing. However, once after having spent on expensive pair of shoes-boats in the base color, consider other models of the skin and suede different colors.

Manolo Blahnik Manolo Blahnik Ganni Ganni

Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL MICHAEL Kors

Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson Karen Millen Karen Millen

Shoes spring-summer 2013 

Shoes not go out of fashion, but their appearance, for they, like chameleons, they change every year. In the season of spring-summer 2013 preferred shoes-лодочкам stiletto with a pointed nose and high heels. As a material for the manufacture of boats used not only the leather and silk fabric and even natural fur. For everyday wear ideal shoes on heels of medium height or the wedge. For the decoration of some models of these shoes are used straps ankles, bows, buckles, metal nozzles on the nose.

Christian Dior, весна-лето 2013 Christian Dior spring summer 2013 Peter Som, весна-лето 2013 Peter Som, spring-summer 2013

Marni, весна-лето 2013 Marni, spring-summer 2013 Hermes, весна-лето 2013 Hermes, spring-summer 2013

Celine, весна-лето 2013 Celine, spring-summer 2013 Louis Vuitton, весна-лето 2013 Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2013

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