5 самых развратных женщин в истории человечества (фото)And although some of them were not even considered beautiful, their way of life was strewn with fragments of broken men’s hearts. They easily get married or become mistresses of the powerful, but even after marriage could not dampen sexual appetite.

The men are so valued by them that turned a blind eye to their endless adventures even when their infidelities told the whole world. Who are the witches, the witching charms, or a skillful mistress? What skills and knowledge possessed by these ladies?


Third wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, who also had her cousin uncle. His first sexual experience Valerie received at the age of 13 and by the time the marriage was already known as a very experienced mistress.

According to historians, the whore could not ignore any handsome man. Already being married, it is, for example, could spend a passionate night on Board a military ship with all its crew. But then she staged a competition with the most indefatigable corrupt woman in Rome Scylla, and won it: a Pro managed to serve over the night of 25 men, and a stray Empress twice. All of Rome was talking about the slutty behavior of Messalina, but she did not hesitate, but rather flaunted. The Emperor Claudius, of course, was also aware of the indomitable sexual appetite beloved spouse, but turn a blind eye.


For many Egyptian Queen and is now a symbol of beauty, femininity and sexuality. At the same time, according to historical facts, the appearance of Cleopatra, to put it mildly, was far from the canons of beauty. Although to play her part in the films, the Directors were invited the most beautiful Actresses of her time, Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonor Varela, Monica Bellucci.

A night with Cleopatra men were ready to part with life (by the way, often it has happened). The Queen bed was a skilled, inventive and tireless, always knew how to deliver a man of the highest bliss, and was known as an experienced fellatio – in other words, was an expert at oral sex.


To the throne of Naples Giovanna rose at the age of 15 years. The young Queen quickly got a taste of Palace intrigue, fun, and dubious pleasures, having turned the Royal court into a brothel. She did not hide that for her in order to share his bed with several favorites. To argue with Giovanna, few dared: imperious Queen could not stand it when someone defied it, quickly and decisively removing the unwanted.

Queen four times married and was faithful only to his second wife, Louis Tarantismo, who managed to enjoy unbridled sexual fantasies of the Queen. All the other husbands had to put up with her slutty behavior.


When the girl was 9 years old, a fortune teller predicted her relationship with the king of France. Beautiful, intelligent and persistent young Marquise became lady-in-waiting at the court of Louis XV, and soon his beloved mistress. A love affair with the king did not interfere with the turbulent personal life of the awning. According to some, she could have sex 10 times a night, and with different men.

I did this Louis, remains a mystery to us. But until his death the voluptuous Marquis remained for him not just a lover, able to satisfy all his whims, but the woman, adviser and friend.


Another crowned wench. Her husband, king Louis XVI suffered from phimosis, and to satisfy a young wife could not. But she was not discouraged and easily found solace in the face: balls, masquerades, and countless string of lovers, whom her Majesty bestowed his favor.

In the end, the life of Marie-Antoinette turned into an endless pursuit of new sexual experiences, and to hide it was impossible. The whole of France knew about the depravity and wickedness of the Queen. There was even talk about incest with the Queen’s own son.

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