Лучшие массажные упражнения для очистки организмаЛучшие массажные упражнения для очистки организма
Massage, based on the Chinese gymnastics qigong and Daoist yoga, will help involve internal organs in the active work and save you from the problem areas in the body.
To prevent the occurrence of kidney stones, occasionally gently flick on the kidneys. Your arm should be folded into a fist. For a start, RUB your hands to hands were hot and clench my fists and start hammering away at the back below the lower ribs on both sides of the spine. Alternate light strikes the right wing, left his fists. After 5-10 beats re-RUB the palm and gently promassiruyte back in the kidneys to increase blood circulation.
In order to comprehensively strengthen all of the internal organs applies massage the ear. It is more than 120 reflex points, each of which is responsible for the work of an organ. RUB the palm of the hand and bring the hands to his ears. Your index finger should touch points behind the ear, and the average front of the ear. Simultaneously RUB both hands in front of and behind the ears 9-10 times. Again RUB your hands and firmly press the palm of your ears. RUB your ears with the palms, then grasp the ear lobe thumb and forefinger and several times pull down far enough, but not painful.
Exercise, contributing to the rejuvenation of the body, allows to massage them inaccessible to the inner ear. Sit on a chair and hold the ears pre pounded palm so that fingers were sent to the head. Middle fingers point to each other so that they lay at the base of the skull, pointing put it over the average. Strike the fingers on the base of the skull 9 times so that in closed ears with the palms there was a loud sound.
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