Сочетание цветов в одежде: желтыйContinue the cycle devoted to the combinations of colors in clothing, and today our choice – yellow.

Pale-yellow with red

In many cultures, yellow associated with gold and the sun, so it symbolizes wealth and luxury. He is used to transfer the joyous mood and optimism: the man in yellow clothes priori can not be sad.
But when choosing clothes that color to be careful, because the color is bright and crisp, and attracted much attention. He can highlight problem areas of your body, and this is undesirable. Use the yellow parts in a suit, to emphasize the dignity of the figure.
When choosing a shade of yellow note how it combines with your skin. Color can give your skin sickly pale glow.
Pure yellow clothing is infrequently used due to its activity. More popular lemon-yellow, pale yellow and Golden yellow.
So, lemon yellow best combined with the cherry-red, brown, blue and grey.
Pale yellow is friends with fuchsia, gray, brown, yellowish-brown, blue, Magenta and with all shades of red.

To the Golden-yellow ideal grey, brown, blue, red and black.
But pure yellow will look advantageously combined with beige, blue, brown, green, purple, Golden and with hints of red.
Better not to risk and not use yellow combined with pink, Myrtle family and Bordeaux.
If to consider in detail all shades of yellow, then you may recognize are: gold, mustard, lemon, saffron, pear, old gold, khaki, yellow Chartreuse and corn.

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