Дизайнер создал бюстгальтер, расстегивающийся от хлопка (ВИДЕО)

Fiddling with the clasp of the bra sometimes spoil the mood as a man and his beloved. New invention designer from San Francisco greatly facilitate the lives of all couples.

Resident of San Francisco with a catchy name Sundress often visit Syria — or, rather, on the markets of the Eastern States, where they were sold amazing things. Randy Sarafan, a working designer, could not help but notice a strange underwear, affecting their functions.

“Westerners often think of Arab society for sexually repressed and enslaved, but it is not. Actually the number of technologies aimed at the improvement of underwear, is growing by leaps and bounds, and they are clearly ahead of us in this area, ” says Sundress. – For example, I saw remotely controlled clothing, bras and panties, glow in the dark. I then decided that from now on my mission will be to promote Syrian technologies to the West”.

The first invention Sundress, inspired by the Arabic influences, became one of the main items of lingerie – Randy wanted to create a bra, that “would resonate with the inner feelings of a man.”

With this purpose the designer armed with two circuit boards, 28-pin connectors, capacitors, resistors, voltage stabilizer, a soldering iron, and other details.

In the process of manufacturing of “smart” bra Randy experimented with the material fasteners – tried to apply solenoid (kind of electromagnets with a single-layer coil). But the product of such a plan could send the girl to the hospital, because during the operation of the metal is heated and potentially could leave on skin burns.

In the end, Dress built linen with magnets, using technology that was used to create a switch Clapper”, reacting to the sound of cotton palms.

To representatives of the male half of the population are not worn shopping for new items, and were able to make an unusual bra with electromagnet, designer posted a step by step instructions with photos and video demo on the site Instructables.

However, Randy not take into account that the young lady in such clothes at great risk, to go, for example, at a concert.

However, the invention of the designer obviously useful for people with arthritis or disabled.

Source: allday.in.ua

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