Продукты, которые можно есть только в конкретное времяChocolate. In the morning a few pieces of chocolate will provide your body a dose of antioxidants that slow down aging and improve heart function. But after lunch, it is better not to eat, the body will begin to shred the chocolate into fat.

Apples need to eat in the morning – they improve intestinal health and eliminate carcinogens. Apples for dinner increase the acidity of the stomach and cause discomfort, so at this time they are best avoided.

Buckwheat. Buckwheat is better for lunch – its composition is carbohydrates, for digestion of which the body mounts already pending resources from the adipose tissue. But in the evening your digestive system can not cope with buckwheat, this time from cereals should be abandoned.

Fig. It is better in the afternoon, then it energizes the body at the other half of the day. In the evening from the rice should be abandoned because it will only lead to weight gain.

Potatoes. It is better to eat in the morning. Then the minerals contained in the potato to support the body. But in the afternoon, from potatoes it is better to leave it as it is very caloric and heavy for digestion.

Pasta. They are best eaten in the morning. They contain fiber, helps to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. For evening these foods will be too high in calories.

Bananas. They should have for lunch, then they improve digestion and soothe heartburn. But bananas in the evening provoke the formation of mucus, which impairs digestion.

Zucchini. Oddly enough, but the zucchini will be more useful in the evening – they are well cleaned intestines, especially if before you had a hearty meal. But in the morning it is better not to eat.

Sugar. Sugar can be eaten only in the morning for the whole day the body will able to digest it. But the sugar in the evening adversely affects the digestion, bad for your body and can lead to poor sleep.

Oranges. They are useful after lunch, they improve metabolism and give a toning effect. But orange juice for Breakfast, despite the General opinion, harmful. It is irritating to stomach lining and can cause gastritis.

Nuts. They will benefit if they eat during brunch. Then they are well absorbed, replenish omega-3. And this, in turn, supports blood vessels and normalize breathing. However, if there are nuts in the evening, all their calories will turn into fat tissue.

Meat. It must be eaten daily, then the iron contained in meat, replenish cells with oxygen, and it will strengthen the immune system and give strength. In the evening it is impossible, because the digestion of the body need a minimum of 5 hours, so you will complicate the digestive system.

Cheese. This cheese and zucchini, it is better to eat in the evening, then he calms the digestive system and improves metabolism. In the morning, this product is not the best, then the cheese leads to the formation of mucus, so it is especially forbidden for those who often get cold.

Cheese. In the morning, small portions of cheese prevent bloating and even reduce weight. For dinner, the cheese is too heavy and it will be difficult to digest.

Tomatoes. In the morning the tomatoes have a positive effect on the digestive system, improve the stomach and pancreas. But tomatoes for dinner can lead to fluid retention and cause swelling.

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