Бывшая жена Аршавина намерена отсудить у него половину имущества

The former wife of the former leader of the national team of Russia on football Andrey Arshavin Julia is going to fight in court for half acquired by the spouses property to secure the future of his three children, the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. As the official marriage the couple had no, court debates will take place in London, where civilian spouses are eligible for the division of property upon parting with their Boyfriends.

Comments most of Julia newspaper did not manage to get all the issues of divorce she advised ask Andrew, however, more talking “family friends” willingly shared details of personal life of the star couple.

“Andrey has another woman. He just lost her head, told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” a friend of the football player. He left the family when Julia is still waiting for a baby. However, in April, when everybody knew about his divorce, he returned to the family, tried to save the marriage. But, alas, again gone…”

Meanwhile Andrei Arshavin is already open appears in public with a new friend. Because the player is not in a hurry to represent it to the press, the British media are speculating about who she is. According to one version, slim brunette is the wife of one of Azerbaijani officials, whose affair with Andrey lasts not for the first year.

“Very sorry this story wife of Andrei – Yulya – note the friends of the family. She tries to hold on, but apparently, it doesn’t come easy. Stay with three children at the hands is not a joke. Moreover, their marriage with Andrei was not officially registered.”

Despite this fact, the Julia set firmly and even in the civil status of the spouse intends to fight in court for division of property to secure the future of children.

According to lawyers, it has legal grounds to rely not only on solid alimony, but half together нажитой property. Moreover, Arshavin with his wife lived for a long time in the UK. And British law may approve the division of property, because they have common children and was a common household.

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