Бывшая жена Ивара Калниньша ждет четвертого ребенка

The ex-wife of actor Ivar Kalninsh, actress Aurelia Анужите-Лауциня waiting for the fourth child. Correspondent Privata Dzive verify this at the graduation party General of the son of Aurelia and Ivars Mikus Kalninsh in 1-th Riga high school.

Marrying a second time for the entrepreneur Andris Лауциньша, Aurelia fully devoted herself to her family life, leaving the scene. The actress also turned to religion, and their talent uses in productions of religious themes. Aurelia also graduated from Riga College of design and architecture, using the new profession during the improvement of homes in Mezaparks.


Aurelia Анужите with her second husband, Andris Лауциньшем.

The Aurelia and Andris there are two common children — of the seven years of agate and Язеп, which in September will turn two years old. Apparently, the couple decided to not stop on reached, and now Aurelia waits for the third child, which, apparently, should be born soon.


Ivar Kalnins with his wife Laura and daughter.

Recall that the actor Ivar Kalninsh, after marriage with Mrs aurélia also married again. His wife Laura gave him two daughters — Louise, and Vivienne.

According to the magazine Privata Dzive

Photo: kasjauns.lv, spiki.tvnet.lv magazine, Privata Dzive

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