The Fragrance Foundation объявила победителей 2013 годаThe Fragrance Foundation объявила победителей 2013 года
The organization that awards the award for achievements in the field of perfumery, announced the winners.
The Fragrance Foundation, an organization that notes the achievements in the field of perfumery, was formerly known as FiFi. However, it is the informal name, according to the decision of its new President, is no longer used.
on 12 June, the winners were announced in 2013. The ceremony was held in the evening in Alice Tully Hall in new York. We offer to your attention the list of the winners.
Fragrance Of The Year – the Fragrance of the year. In this category, the nominees were evaluated on a set of criteria: the scent, its composition, the marketing strategy, packaging and advertising campaign.

Women in the category of Luxury – Florabotanica Balenciaga Paris (Coty Prestige)

Female in category Prestige – DOT Marc Jacobs (Coty Prestige)

Women in the category of Popular – Girlfriend Of Justin Bieber (Elizabeth Arden)
Male in the category of Luxury – Colonia Eskimo Oud Acqua Di Parma

Male in the category Prestige – Tom Ford Noir (Tom Ford Beauty)

Male in the category of Popular – James Bond 007 (PG Prestige)
Fragrance Hall of Fame – the Scent of all time recognition of the fragrance of the legend. In this category the jury selects a scent that has acquired the status of aroma-legends of the recognized classics, and is on the market for at least 15 years. In this category in the victory of the legendary Red Door from Elizabeth Arden.

Award Perfume Extraordinaire producers of aromas. This takes into account the skills and the aesthetics produced aromas.

The prize was awarded to the perfumery laboratory Robertet.

Perfumer Of The Year Lifetime Achievement Award – Perfumer year. In this category perfumer awarded for a vital contribution perfumery art. Won talented Alberto Morillas, collaborating with the perfume of the laboratory Firmenich.

Media Campaign Of The Year – Advertising campaign of the year. In the nomination of judges evaluate the innovation concept and response advertising campaign on the market. Accounted for print and TV advertising.

In this category such winners:
Women’s fragrance – Dolce Gabbana Pour Femme.

Men’s fragrance – Dolce Gabbana The One for Men Sport.

Packaging of the year – the Bottle and packaging of the year. Judges evaluate the design of the bottle, packaging and graphics. In this nomination such winners:

Women’s fragrance – Florabotanica Balenciaga Paris (Coty Prestige).

Male fragrance – Montblanc Legend (Interparfums).

Hall Of Fame – recognized for his contributions in perfumery art. This award is given to man for his innovation, dedication and creativity for the benefit of the perfume industry. Won the nomination – Linda Wells, chief editor of the magazine Allure.
Indie Award – Best flavor of the independent perfume brand. In this nomination the jury will choose the best flavor of the independent perfume brand. Independent of the decisions and strategies of large companies in the sale and distribution of the products is not more than 50 sales outlets in the United States. The victory went to the By Kilian Amber Oud.

Fragrance Celebrity Of The Year – the Contribution of the celebrity perfumes. In this nomination choose a famous person that their participation enhances the prestige of the perfume industry. The victory in the nomination of Taylor swift.

Retail Innovation Of The Year – Innovation in the field of selling fragrances. In this category will be awarded sellers of fragrances with a world-class service. Won shops QVC.

Consumer Choice – a Choice of buyers. In the nomination presents the results of the collective voting, and, accordingly, the favorite aromas customers in the United States. Won in the nomination:

Women’s fragrance – Girlfriend of Justin Bieber ( company Elizabeth Arden)

Male fragrance – Acqua di Gio Essenza Giorgio Armani

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