Золотое сечение: новый способ борьбы с секущимися кончиками от L`Oréal Professionnel

In the list of services provided by the specialists of L’oreal Professionnel, a new procedure – термовосстановление split ends.

Treatment takes place in three stages:

Hair restoration using монодозы RENEW C. Care, running shampoo Absolut Repair Cellular and drying your hair with a towel and a Hairdryer on 80-90%. Sealing split ends. Since the middle of the hair, experts make serum Absolut Repair Cellular and seal the ends irons. It remains only to rinse thoroughly with water and start styling!

That is especially pleasant procedure lasts only 30 minutes, and the result is really impressive.

What are the advantages of the new service? Thanks to the innovative technology of Lactic Acid/Lactic acid and the use of high-concentrated care, recovery begins in the heart of the cortex cells damaged hair. Under the influence of heat active components instantly sealed and stored deep in the structure of the hair.

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