Основные источники женских комплексовОсновные источники женских комплексов
What is the complexes? This is quite an inexcusable absence of love. If you believe in God, then the complexes is sin. If you don’t love yourself, how you can love others? Love of self is not selfishness, and accepting yourself for who you are right now. That’s the trick.
At the time I weighed 47 kg of Long thick hair, slim waist, elastic breast third size, bit полноватые hips did my shape is very feminine. Not a day to be with me not met the man. I worked in the centre of Kiev, lunch mandatory walk, not for Dating and a bit of fresh air. I wanted, loved, adored. And once I gave up. Married. It was the second marriage. My daughter was 3 years. I was 28. I thought it was love forever. But it did not happen, and I after the second divorce recovered… 30 kg! Hormonal treatment against the background of stress. Send horror and panic impossible. Be in 2 times more! As a result – has ceased to communicate with friends, to act in ethers (for work), began to avoid friends. But a proven and effective way to lose weight!
Since then I have a lot to understand. It is impossible to compare ourselves with anyone else, although it is in the us laid the parents: Ivan Ivanovitch daughter, look how, and you forever is all wrong, parents maim, instead build on the pedestal of her child.
You are a bad girl, not obey, ” says the teacher in the garden, instead of explaining what my wine.
Mother, when the phone rings, cries out to thee: Tell me not, in and of itself teaches that lying is not good.
When you are only a year or two, grandma says, Show me with a finger, what you want, and when you in the subway, you already 5 years, and you show someone with a finger and something комментируешь, you read the lines at all and say: Finger poking ugly.
And the most painful, when you beauty changes beloved man. It is humiliating, painful, shame. Occurs anger and uncertainty which gives rise complexes. What if you changed? To leave or to accept and forgive?
Then doubts whether I am a professional?, when the boss is 10 times bigger fool begins to humiliate you in the team. Then close friend mentally sincere sympathy and trembling voice on the phone: ” Hello dear, how are you? I’ve missed. You’ve lost weight? I can’t imagine how you can safely respond to extra pounds. It’s so ugly. Do men become like cellulite?
Eureka! It is important that all they say around, and how you feel about this. If you think, forgive, cow, so be it. And, if a luxurious and beautiful girl-woman full you Respekt!
So, the first thing to do is to understand the cause of their major complexes. First, and most important it is for women appearance. Complex on the level of the body. Derivative (in mathematics) why He prefers the other women, that is cheating on me.
There are two major points or He is asserting itself, not receiving enough of parental love, then you are not (yet, there are ways of influence). Either you (due to their own complexes) insufficient inspire her man, especially at the first stage of physiological desire. You won’t let him in intimate relationships feel Omnipotent. This, in fact, is studying regularly.
To overcome complexes, needs to love yourself for who you are!
Internet resources: the Main sources of female complexes

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