Главное, не прошляпьте! Лучшие головные уборы на скачках в Аскоте

«If You want to succeed – wear a hat», says an old English proverb. And saying it’s not so far from the truth, anyway, throw his hat in the international Women’s day on the famous Royal Royal Ascot horse races can give its possessor… an invitation to a Lodge Queen Elizabeth II, the most famous groupies hats! This year filled with new шляпными masterpieces among the remarkable colors, birdhouses with their чирикающими inhabitants, feathers of exotic birds, pieces of cakes that want to eat, bows and even… cans appeared hats in support of… the Duchess Catherine, who was almost the other day) will give Buckingham Palace new heir to the throne! So, from our attention was unable to escape headgear in the form of… a set of infants (as it should be, with the nipple, diapers and rattles), who was crowned note by the Royal Baby (Boy 2/1, Girl 5/1).

What other hat-surprises brought us this year, Royal Ascot? See the best creations in our gallery, but first, let’s remember a quote about hats which if not, cause you to reconsider your image, then just change your opinion about the hats! After all, they’re the fastest way to make everyone around talking about myself!

Кто бы сомневался, что Букингемский дворец ждет… мальчика. Вот и записка на шляпке – очередное тому доказательство! Who would doubt that Buckingham Palace is waiting… boy. Here’s a note on the cap is another proof!

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