Самые известные музеи эротики и секса в ЕвропеСамые известные музеи эротики и секса в Европе
WANT extends the concept of a vacation all inclusive: all inclusive means that the tourist route can include not only to all sorts of attractions and virgin landscapes, but even very naughty museums. Read our fascinating (and quite непошлый) guide to the main museums of eroticism and sex of Europe.


Sex Museum, the Temple of Venus (Sex Museum Venustempel)
Damrak 18
1015 LH
Telephone: +31 020 622 83 76

Open from 9:30 to 23:30 every day. Entrance 4 Euro (for people aged 16).

In a country where legalized love for money, sex Museum does not exotic, but quite a natural event. Temple of Venus is considered to be one of the oldest in this category the first Museum exposition was formed in 1985, at a time when our country has sex yet, as you remember. For almost 30-year history of the small exposition of pictures and frescoes in the Nude has grown into a labyrinth, which now fill not only the visualization on erotic themes, but the real attractions for the brave. They start right at the entrance to a clothes hanger is made in the shape of a huge phallus.

If you really want to expand the boundaries of what is permitted and be liberated sexually, you are not in a bookstore for 50 shades of gray, and went straight to the Netherlands, to the Temple of Venus.


The erotic Museum in Paris (Musee de lerotisme)
75018 Paris 72 bd de Clichy

Open from 10:00 to 2:00 each day, the price is 8 Euro, with a reservation on the website price decreases

Many tourists include a hike in the Paris Museum of erotica in the compulsory programme. The whole exposition is located on seven floors, here is probably the largest collection of erotic art from ancient Greek and ancient Oriental sculptures to ultra-modern installations. Even without garden gnomes has not done, and red caps is not the most interesting, that they have. Эрогнома can be bought as a souvenir, such here a lot. The intimate decorations are very unordinary things for your beauty and… pleasures.


The erotic Museum Beata Uzes (Beate Uhse Erotikmuseum)

Joachimstaler Strae 4 /
Ecke Kantstrae
10623 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 8860666

Open from 9:00 to 24:00 every day entrance ticket is 9 EUR.

The Germans know how to approach the case: the Museum Beata Uzes is located directly above a sex shop. Actually, due to toys for intimate business this woman-pilot and became famous after the Second world war, she opened the first of its kind in a sex shop, which then wore a frightening special-store name hygiene marriage. After the war, many are faced with the problem: I want to live a normal sex lives, but having children has become an unaffordable luxury. Beata, received a wealth of knowledge from the mother, began to share with women information about how to protect themselves, how to make sex safer and fascinating. After she wrote a pamphlet, a little later began to distribute intimate goods. Things went so well that there was a need to open store.
Not surprisingly, sex shop Uzes the most popular among buyers. But the Museum enjoys great success: it collected about 5 000 exhibits, in a movie theater exposure continuously spinning oldest movies specific genre.


Museum of sex-machines Sex Machines Museum)
Praha 1, Melantrichova 18

Open from 10:00 to 23:00 daily, entrance 250 CZK (only for adults).

The richest collection of underwear and all kinds of accessories for enjoying primitive, rare, and mechanical. One of the most extraordinary pieces of the exhibition-sex-swing, imported from the Czech women’s prison. Each exhibit is accompanied by a small sign with a description, the history of the subject and a visual aid on a very realistic picture.

Here also, as in the German Museum Beata Uzes, a movie theater, where show ретрошедевры for adults. As the eyewitnesses say, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.


The erotic Museum (Museo de la Erótica de Barcelona)
Rambla, 96

Phone: +34 93-318-98-65

Open daily, hours of operation from October to may 10:00-22:00, from June to September the works for two hours longer. Entrance 9 Euro, if you book tickets through the website will receive a 5% discount.

A hot country, hot Spanish as it does not occur to the Museum of eroticism?

The Museum is very large collection of archaeological artifacts from spicy pictures and explicit forms. The collection is truly admirable, because Spain, adoring design and are bearers of high culture, have made it more непошлой. If you want to explore the history in facts sexuality and emancipation you here.

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