Обновление человеческого организма: ритмы и циклыОбновление человеческого организма: ритмы и циклы
Have you ever experienced you decide to live a healthy life, decided not to have bad habits, began to exercise regularly, eat in a balanced manner, using natural cosmetics, but it can take a week for it, and second, as a visible result (hair healthy and silky, nails all broken, pimples not disappear) and inner peace is not there?
And then, yielding disorder (Me has no help), lowered his hands, and want to return to the old, hoping for a miracle pills and plastic surgery (they will lead body tone!).
Of course, heavily investing effort in something that has no effect. Yes, and much sense in this. However, in the example above, we have not considered the main knowledge about when to wait for the result, and, accordingly, hurry with conclusions about expediency of their actions.

To the rhythm of jazz
Each cell of our body lives in native mode, so the update our fabrics can be done in different time cycles. If vital rhythms cells can describe melody, we probably would have heard not clear marsh or rhythmic polka, and for us it would sound unique jazz composition filled with improvisations and синкопированными rhythms.
Update our body is constantly happening. One day it creates millions of new cells, and millions die of old. The fastest updated cells that come into contact with the external environment. For example, skin cells are renewed on average three weeks, and the cells of the inner walls of the intestine (which consist of tiny hairs absorbing nutrients from food masses) for 3-5 days.

Some of the cycles of life of our body
Cell receptors on the surface of the tongue, which help to differentiate the tastes of food, updated every 10 days. Blood cells, erythrocytes – are updated in average 120 days, therefore, to see a picture of the changes in our body, recommended every six months the General analysis of blood.
Liver cells are updated 300-500 days. If not drink alcohol, not a fatty and spicy, not to take medicine, the liver may be completely redeemed for 8 weeks. By the way, the liver is the only organ in the body, which is able to fully recover with the loss of 75% of its fabric.
The alveoli (air sacs located at the ends of the bronchi) renewed for one year, and the cells on the surface of the lungs every 2-3 weeks.
Bone is constantly updated fusion of bone after fracture it is due to its regeneration. But in order to fully updated our skeleton, need 7 to 10 years.
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Fingernails grow 3-4 mm per month, and the hair in the middle – one centimeter. Fully hair can be replaced within a few years, depending on their length. It is believed that men have a change of hair occurs in three years, and for women this cycle can grow up to seven years or more.
The more complex the structure of the fabric and its function is, the longer the process of regeneration. Our body is the most complex structure is considered to be nervous tissue. And although earlier scientists were sure that she is not restored, now revealed that it is possible regenerative processes. Brain, lenses of the eyes and heart, also keep many unsolved riddles for scientists, as these bodies have not been studied yet. Currently, scientists believe that their regeneration process is very difficult and practically impossible.

And who’s the boss?
Brain least studied by scientists. Almost all the brain cells live with us all my life and have the same age as we are. Thanks to the consistency of the brain cells, we are able to accumulate experience, and acquire information about the world, to know him, to make certain conclusions and to use them. At the moment it is established that updated cells in two areas of the brain. This happens in the olfactory bulb, which is responsible for the sense of smell, and the hippocampus, which is involved in the mechanisms of formation of emotions, helps to absorb new information (manages the transfer of short-term memory into long-term) and orientation in space.
The refresh rate of the cells can influence the person’s age and the condition of the organism: we cheer or healthy at the moment, tired, full of strength and energy. For example, a person who has Parkinson’s disease, the death of old cells do not balanced by the emergence of new and depression in the hippocampus there are too few new neurons i.e. the update process is slowed down or absent.

Regeneration of the body controls our Central nervous system and the upper division of the cortex, which once again confirms the connection between our thoughts and our state of the body. If we believe in ourselves, we are moving forward, looking for the necessary decision, the more likely it is that we help the body recover and updated, giving birth to the power and interest in life.
For centuries alchemists searched for the elixir of youth and cure-all, but it turns from birth, each of us have had endowed them. Man the only thing left to learn how to use their brains.

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