Римская империя: битва 8 лучших босоножек-гладиаторов и сандалий-гладиаторов

The Roman Empire: sandals-gladiators vs sandals-gladiators

Gladiators – non-Roman war, and high sandals with heels or sandals with many thin straps – already were in fashion in the beginning of this century and, judging by the review of shoes spring-summer 2013 from the runways of designer collections, ready to come back again. Alexander Wang, Versace, Acne, Altuzarra and Marios Schwab offered their own version of the gladiators – thin and wide straps, heels and flat shoes, with a fringe in ethnic style and embossed metal buckles, but certainly very high, reaching almost to the knee. And you have time to miss this Shoe comes from Ancient Greece? What model of gladiators, in your opinion, is the most stylish: sandals-gladiators flat shoes or sandals-gladiators heels? Try to answer these questions, and at the same time look for a democratic model of the gladiators to replace expensive examples from Versace Altuzarra, the prices are even considering 70% summer discount declined only up to 35 000 rubles.

Versace Versace Altuzarra Altuzarra

Where to buy sandals-gladiators and sandals-gladiators? 

Let’s start with the models heels: the most seductive, but the least convenient for long walks were two-colored sandals-gladiators Bionda Castana (7 800 rubles), обрадовавшие and even 70%discount. A pair of sandals with thin straps and on sustainable square heels Jeffrey Campbell (5 500 rubles) seems the most appropriate for each day, while the rough and a little mens sandals-gladiators Shakuhachi (6 300 roubles) risk interesting only to those who love the concept severe style, Rick Owens and Helmut Lang. Fingering comfortable models sandals flat shoes, which are more suitable for those who appreciates the summer shoes convenience and comfort, we found a stylish sandals-gladiators River Island (3 990 rubles) from the natural skin the color of milk with large metal buckles, brown sandals-gladiators Asos (1 500 roubles), reminded us of the original Greek sandals and black gladiators New Look (4 390 rubles) of artificial leather under the snake.

Босоножки-гладиаторы Bionda Castana (7 800 руб.) Sandals-gladiators Bionda Castana (7 800 rubles) Босоножки-гладиаторы Jeffrey Campbell (5 500 руб.) Sandals-gladiators-Jeffrey Campbell (5 500 rubles)

Босоножки-гладиаторы Shakuhachi (6 300 руб.) Sandals-gladiators Shakuhachi (6 300 RUR) Сандалии-гладиаторы River Island (3 990 руб.) Sandals-gladiators River Island (3 990 rubles)

Сандалии-гладиаторы Asos (1 500 руб.) Sandals-gladiators Asos (1 500 roubles) Сандалии-гладиаторы New Look (4 390 руб.) Sandals-gladiators New Look (4 390 RUR)

What to wear gladiators? 

The answer suggests itself: with something short and moderately sexual. Suitable short shorts, as denim and cotton, leather, and mini-dresses and mini skirts and short summer overalls. In the case of sandals Gladiator heels’t forget to observe the rule of closed shell: the shoes and so provocative enough, so deep cleavage or spina handy» you only if you are sure you are going to make a lasting impression on others.

Рианна в босоножках-гладиаторах Tom Ford Rihanna in sandals-гладиаторах Tom Ford Рита Ора в босоножках-гладиаторах Jimmy Choo Rita Ora in sandals-гладиаторах Jimmy Choo

Кортни Кардашьян в сандалиях-гладиаторах Courtney Kardashian in sandals-гладиаторах Зои Кравиц в босоножках-гладиаторах Alexander Wang Zoe Kravitz in sandals-гладиаторах Alexander Wang

Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Which pairs you liked? Are you going to buy sandals-gladiators or sandals-gladiators in the summer? Share in the comments!        

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