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Автозагар Trendy Sun. Courchevel

Tanning Trendy Sun. Courchevel

With the approach of summer we often think about tanning. If the opportunity to go to the resort at the moment, the beauty brands are ready to offer an alternative to tan. So, a series of cosmetic Trendy Sun has replenished with new Trendy Sun. Courchevel.

The peculiarity of funds Trendy Sun is that they allow you to give your body the tan that you could get in a particular region. For example, you want to be thought, if you had just returned from Bali? Or want to get a tan, characteristic for the Caribbean Islands or the Cote d’azur? Please! All this is already in the palette of tanning products of the brand. As for novelties, it is, as you already understood, «hi» from Courchevel. Tool gives the skin a Golden tone that you could only get in the mountain resort.

Tanning Trendy Sun. Bali Автозагар Trendy Sun. Caribbean Tanning Trendy Sun. Caribbean

Trendy Sun. Courchevel is manifested immediately after the application, but a few hours later, after the procedure shade become more intense. «Tan» is held within three to seven days.

In the latest – vitamin E and extract Edelweiss. They are responsible for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. In addition tool contains particles of gold, which give it luster and Shine.

Trendy Sun. Courchevel created in Switzerland under the control of dermatologists. The novelty is capable to absorb in just 2 minutes, without leaving a greasy residue and spots on the skin. Due to the convenient sprayer tool falls evenly.

Estimated cost – 650 RUB.

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